How Calgary Woman Transforms Into Skinless Monster?


If you haven’t already seen the bizaare and extraordinary cosplay body paint depicting Colossal Titan, you are missing out on a very significant creative moment in today’s very best of pop culture. It goes without saying that you need to see it now!

The Colossal Titan is the uncanny Titan resembling a skinless humanoid shown in the opening scene of the Japanese dark fantasy film, “Attack on Titan”, which was inspired by the best selling manga which has the same title.

It will entice you more to see this extraordinary work of art if you know that the person behind this body paint —err, both the body and the artist who made it — is a young woman from Calgary, Canada that goes by the name Kay Pike.

Pike is a cosplay model, fashion designer and entrepreneur. From simply putting together intricately detailed costumes for herself, she was inspired by others who insisted on buying her creations to start designing and sewing cosplay wear to others. In 2009, she started her cosplay (colloquial term for ‘costume play’) business and eventually founded Canada Cosplay. Since then, she built her way up from being the model to become the model and artist behind her stunning cosway that will not only leave you amazed but breathless as well. Pike is currently the most requested Cosplay Event Vendor in Canada.

These days, Pike and Lianne Moseley, a local makeup artist who introduced Pike to body painting, are not only walking around town in their body art masterpieces nor just taking photos of themselves. They are experimenting with 2D and 3D images of their cosplay selves, posting these on social media — and getting plenty of accolades from cosplay fans and observers alike around the globe.

Body Painting: Cosplay Style

Cosplay Style Makeup

If Pike’s Colossal Titan body paint got you more than just curious, and are eager to try your hands on cosplay body painting, below are some practical tips for first time and not-so-freshies in imitating this marvelous body art.

Tip # 1: You simply have to be an artist to pull this off! First things first. Get real! If you don’t have steady hands, cosplay body painting is simply not the kind of art for you. However, if you are willing to be the model and you know someone who can draw, you might want to consider to team up.

Cosplay is focused on getting all or most of the details right down to the last dot. The idea is to make the paint seem realistic and feel real — read: uncanny.

Tip # 2: Do your research. At least find out who Colossal Titan is, and look for a good, clear image that you can copy and draw on your face. Find out what long-lasting body paints (and colors) are available from your local art shop, and decide if you have all the colors you will need for this cosplay project.

Tip # 3: Gather all the tools, materials and equipment you will need. Set up your studio where there is a good space where you can work on. A huge mirror, bright lighting and cool airconditioning are a must too.

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Check your paints. Make sure you get only water-based, professional, long-wearing body paint. Make sure you have your makeup too. Makeup still works best for the face to stand out. — most especially to highlight details of your eyes and mouth.

Comic Book Style Makeup

Next, check that your sponges and brushes are complete, both for your body paint and makeup. Take a palette plate for blending paint.

Make sure you have your water bottle and some knick knacks within arm’s reach. Completing the Colossal Titan may take you anywhere between four to eight hours, depending on many factors but most especially your drawing skills and talent.

Get the rest of your costume within arm’s reach as well, and that should include body fitting blouse or body tights which you will be willing to paint on.

Gather a good heap of old newspapers to step on so you don’t stain your floor.

Take a jar of water, cotton and swab within reach too to erase any small corrections in the details (yes, even with body paint, the devil is in the details).

Tip # 4: Start painting! Make sure your canvas —err, your body— is scrubbed clean and completely dry so that the paint will stick easily.

Drawing the outlines on your face but, fill in the spaces with colors last. This helps prevent natural oils on your face from eating up your makeup and letting it sink in. Spend more time on details on your face later.

Draw outlines on the rest of your body before starting to paint. Draw and apply paint section by section. If you start with your arm, finish the entire arm before moving on to your other arm.

Tip # 5: Enjoy! Body paint is important but being in the role is just as vital in making your cosplay character come to life.

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The Colossal Titan body paint is only the beginning of Cosplay fun. The growing popularity of this pop art promises more creative juices flowing and more comics and animation characters coming to life in the near future. Exciting!


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