Care Your Hairs and Eliminate Hair Fall Problem


Hair loss is considered as major problem in the beauty world. For good and attractive appearance strong and smooth hairs gives a perfect appearance. With strong and dark hairs you can practice any style that suits you. A perfect hair style for suitable face shape gives gorgeous look. Hairstyle depends on face shape. According to face shape hairstyle is advised.

If we look on to the percentage of persons facing with hair loss, you will be surprise to know that newly 80% – 90% of population suffers with this problem. Hair loss may be due to number of reasons. One of the prominent reasons is hormonal problem that is closely related to hair fall. Your hairs become lose and inactive if you suffer from thyroid problem. Slight fluctuation in activation of thyroid glands that is over activation or under activation may lead to fall of hairs.

However by treating thyroid disease, you may reduce your hair fall problem. Even other hormones like male hormones called androgen and female hormone called estrogen goes imbalance then also there occurs hair fall possibility. Treating these hormonal imbalances properly can lower hair loss problem.

Baldness is much natural and common problem faced by majority of males. This baldness refers to lack of hairs on head and prominently the progressive hair thinning condition known as androgenic alopecia or ‘male pattern baldness’. This condition is more prominent in more age male and also other species. There are different stages accordingly the hairs are lost progressively.

The different conditions involved are “alopecia areata” that refers to little loss of hairs, alopecia totalis that refers to loss of hair from entire head portion, while alopecia universalis includes loss of all hairs from head and body.

This problem is not limited to men but even women become the victim of this problem. There are different phases of life when women experience intense hair fall, prominently after delivery or many experience during pregnancy also. This all condition is related to intense or under production of particular hormones. These hair falls condition becomes prominent and more expensive during some period of phase of life.

Quite often too much or constant medication also cause hair fall. Some significant medicines that favors hair loss are medicines used as anticoagulants or blood thinner, for gout, medicines used in chemotherapy to treat cancer, too much intake of vitamin A capsules, the pills that are used for controlling birth and those used as antidepressants.

In addition to these, any type of infection like fungal infection that infects scalp can lead to hair fall. This can be readily cured by treating it with antifungal medicines. As also other diseases like lupus or diabetes lead to hair weakening and causing hair loss. Therefore, it is very important to study your hair properly and accordingly find the solution to hair fall before it leads to complete baldness.

On the other hand, it is also important to protect your hairs from pollution and other harmful pollutants. As the elements present in air like dust particles, metal particles, free radicals and other debris effect hair follicle, thus making it weak and leading to hair fall. Therefore, always keep your hairs clean try to protect them from harmful rays especially when you go outside in noon time. The sunrays are more prominent and sharp at this time and hence can make your hairs dull and inactive.

It is important to give natural care to your skin rather feeding them with harmful chemicals products that loosens the natural hair beauty. In extreme conditions, preferably when your hairs fall does not reduce even with home treatment readily consult doctor who will guide you better to reduce your problem.


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