Care Your Nails For Eye – Catching Hand Beauty!


Nails are a prominent portion of our hands that add beauty to your hand. Nails depict how fashionable personality you are. Beautiful nails often catches attention of people towards you hand that adds to your beauty. These are one of the important parts of your beauty to be taken care off. Beauty care is not completed without nails care. So it’s important to take care for your nails. Here is some helpful information that will help you to take active care of your nails.

The biological featuring of nails depicts its protein content, as nails are made of protein content. In actual sense they do not need chemical treatment to enhance their glow. If these are exposed to many chemicals that are usually used in polishes for nails make them more prone to fall. There is organic treatment for nails that helps to improve your nails.

This organic treatment involves acrylic base treatment that provides artificial melioration to nails. It is because of this property acrylic base is used in nails polishes. Nail polish manufacturers should keep these things in mind and prepare product with special organic ingredients that are not harmful to nails. Thus, if we use organic care treatments for nails then it will be easy to take care for breaking nails.

To increase our nails beauty many products are used. More prominently we use nail polish some say nail paint, while others call it nail varnish. We usually make use of different nail colors to glitter nail beauty. To remove these polishes we use thinners or removers. Constant use of these synthetic products may cause your nails to break and form cracks. As some removers contain inflammatory products like formaldehyde and toluene that may cause irritating effect on your nails.

Some home made remedies are suggested to keep your nails clean. You can clean your nails well that with warm water. Add a pinch of salt or soda in lukewarm water then add good shampoo to it especially those contain natural bases. Stir it well till enough foam appears. Keep your hand in that water for 10-15min and then gently clean the nails by nail cutters sharpeners. Keeping hand in lukewarm water will soften the dead skin surrounding the nails and can be easily removed with the help of nail cutters or similar instrument. This will clean your nails properly as well as the dirt that gets settled inside the nails.

You can shape your nails well without causing it to break and damage. This you can do by using potato. Raw potato can be rubbed on your nails or potato water that will soften your nails which will allow you to shape your nails easily.

Use good moisturizing cream on your hand so that skin around the nails becomes soft. Avoid filing your nail corners so that will sharpen your nails more and can cause damage. This will weaken and it will cause your nails to break and crack. Your fingernails can become brittle because of soap or hand cream that you use. The perfumed hand creams can contain alcohol that may dry your nails and can become brittle.

Consume good amount of vitamins especially vitamin A and calcium to avoid drying and brittle nails.

Thus, special care of nails will help you to keep your nail beauty more effective and long lasting.


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