Celeb-Inspired Makeup Ideas For This New Year


In case you run out of creative makeup alternatives for the party season, you can always try the celebrity New Years Eve Makeup Ideas that have been detailed below. This way you can build up a scene-stealing look that will crown your glamorous apparel. You need to choose the most flattering shades as well as textures in order to highlights your best assets.

At times, you may lose yourself in the huge multitude of makeup trends which are popular during the season. But you need to spot the perfect examples of the rocking eye, lips as well as face makeup looks. In order to do so, it would be wise to take a close look at the most prominent styles of the various beauty icons. This is because they offer the perfect model on how to combine the different in order to highlight the best features of the different face shapes.

In case you are preparing for the most glamorous party of the year, all these celebrity New Years Eve makeup ideas can prove to be your best inspiration. Simply choose one of these styles in order to experiment with and ensure that you use the best tools and products in order to secure the best conditions to get that spotless look.

The Golden Makeup Style

Golden Makeup Style

Image source – thestarceleb.com

Carrie Underwood is known to be one of the loveliest personalities from the world of music. She has millions of fans who are eager to copy her hair styles besides her makeup looks. Now you can have the chance to take a much closer view at her golden makeup that ensures the sparkling visual effect which this metallic shade can tend to create.

Also, you can pair this stylish as well as scene-stealing eye makeup with nude lips, as this will let your eyes speak for your beauty and attract all the attention. You may define the eyes with black eyeliner, also, do tint the lids and finally crown your look with mascara. In order to get kissable lips, you may choose gloss or lipstick that is in the most flattering as well as natural looking nude shades.

Get Those Brown Smokey Eyes

Brown Smokey Eyes

Image source – anobsessionwiththefabulous.com

Jessica Alba does know how to bring about those deep, piercing hazel eyes. Thus, the best makeup trend during those nighttime events that make the best impression will always be the brown Smokey eyes makeup. You may opt for similar colorful eye makeup trends in case you wish to enhance your appearance by using a tint of subtle as well as mysterious radiance. Simply choose the pastel brown or even the more shimmery shades as per your preferences.

Never forget the eyeliner in order to highlight the refined shape of your eyes. Besides, it also paves the way for applying the rest of the makeup. Cover your eye lids with the fab eye shadow and then make your lashes pop by using mascara. You may complement this look with the help of peachy lips in order to stay in the warm color palette as well as balance out that flashy look of your eyes.

Ivory Eyes as well as Orange Lips Makeup

Ivory Eyes

Image source – mylifetime.com

Those who have followed the beauty evolution of Leona Lewis are well aware that recently she has decided to step on a more non-conformist field with regard to makeup trends. The ivory eyes that are paired with orange lips makeup ensemble are perfect for those who want to stand out from the crowd in order to mark their appearance by applying a similar smashing makeup.

Using white eye shadow in order to color your lids will offer an immediate brightening solution that will illuminate as well as make your glimpse much more prominent. Orange lips can further boost the vibe of your New Years Eve makeup which means that you need to have the proper attitude in order to wear it. This way you can learn from a real diva how to polish your makeup skills in order to sport only the hottest looks of this season.


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