Celebrities Running for Fitness


Running seems to be best workout among celebrities as they are running are for the fitness. If you are finding yourself lazy for morning run, you can take inspiration from celebrities.

Anna PaquinJessica Simpson

Anna Paquin went for an exhausting run in picturesque Marina del Ray, California. She was seen panting during her run. She said: I will like it if it’s really gruelling and in the middle I feel like I really want to die! I like a challenge. Jessica Simpson can be believed to have the best body in Hollywood. The secret is no more than her running workouts.

FergieReese Witherspoon

The Black Eyed Peas singer, Fergie, was seen running through the hills of L.A. She said “The most important thing I do for my self-esteem is work out”. Reese Witherspoon also goes out for run and she participates in races along with her children. The benefits of running are clearly indicated by her body fitness.

Photos via dailymail.co.uk


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