Celebrities Stylish Ponytail Hairstyles for 2011


Getting the upgrade of your summer hair can be a good thing. However, you may want to get the sexy upgrade that you need to have with your ponytail and you may need to have the help of the celebrities to get this help.

Mila KunisEmmy Rossum

One of the easiest things that you can have is the Mila Kunis’s side ponytail. You can even see that you can start this one by having sections of your hair wound around a one-inch curling iron. Then you will just have to part the hair in the middle and get all the hair gathered up into the low ponytail off to the site. This will even allow you to have the face framing features that you want to show off. However, with the evening hours you need to try out the Emmy Rossum’s look that is present in the super high ponytail. This is great when it is super hot outside, but you should know that it will allow you to maintain the great clean look you want. All that is needed for this style is a band about a quarter way down the hair and then a weave into the braid to secure it with another elastic band.

Thandie NewtonGisele Bundchen

For people that have a thick and wavy hair they may need to think of Thandie Newton’s hair style. This one is going to provide a great look and is easy to do. All that is needed is the gathering up of all the hair above your eyes. Then you need to comb it back a couple of times for more filling body of hair. You then complete this by running a smoothing cream on your hair to get the shine you want to have. At times some people will enjoy the cheerleader type of style. This is easy and involves running gel into the roots and gathering the hair into the high ponytail. Then all that is needed to be completed is misting the hair with a spray to get the effect that you desire.

Jennifer AnistonGabrielle Union

Some people will want to have a pony tail that they can wear anywhere and the perfect one for that is the Jennifer Aniston’s middle level version. The key here is to make sure that they do not look like it is done up to much. You will want to leave the bangs out as well to give you the soft frame in your face. These kind of hairstyles are best option for prom night. Next, Gabrielle Union ponytail hairstyle is ideal one from all. She knows the secret of high sleek ponytail, but the secret of this celebrity hairstyle has been revealed. First of all hide the elastic by taking a one inch portion of hair and then solve the ends to the base of the tail. Make use of serum that can straighten your fuzzies. Inspired from above celebrities choose the best one which will suit you.

Photos via realbeauty