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If want to know why you should follow Andrea’s Tips, we have one good reason: Heidi Klum. Andrea is Heidi Klum’s trainer. There is no need for me to mention that Heidi has delivered four children and looks absolutely amazing. I stated that just in case you needed a reminder.

Heidi KlumHeidi Klum

1. Increase the intensity of your workout, especially if you do not have time for a long workout.

Andrea stated that you replace intensity for duration on the days that you do not have the time to work out. She also stated that when her models are busy, she has them do circuit training, which includes a-lot of jumping, running, squats and lunges. The point that Andrea is trying to make is that you do not have to spend all of your time in the gym.

2. Start a Commitment

Andrea’s protocol is six working days, with only one day off. She has also stated that her clients eat cleanly during the entire week. She emphasizes that super models are not fortunate enough to just look that way; they have to work hard for it.

3. Eat enough of the right types of food

Andrea has stated that people need protein to maintain tissue growth and boost their metabolism. She also emphasizes that people should eat enough carbohydrates so that their bodies can work, but they should not eat too many because carbohydrates can be stored as fat. The point that Andrea is trying to emphasize is that balance is the key. It is important to eat enough so that the body gets the right nutrients and works properly, but it is important to eat in a way that maintains a lean physique.

4. Snack like a model

Andrea has stated that Heidi Klum eats a snack every three to four hours to keep her metabolism going. She has stated that a-lot of people are under the misconception that they have to starve themselves to be lean. On the contrary, starving oneself actually causes the metabolism to slow down and makes the body soft.

Heidi Klum With her Trainer