Celebrities With Some Defects: Yet Famous

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We believe that celebrities are perfect and flawless but, they’re not. Actually, some of the famous celebrities have physical flaws , as they’re human-beings just like the rest of us. In this article, you will find celebrities with some physical defects.


Paris Hilton :
Paris Hilton’s eyes are not symmetrical between left and right. Her left eye is suffering from lazy eyes.

Megan Fox :
Megan Fox is suffering from clubbed thumb. She has a short thumbnail.


Kate Bosworth :
She has different eye color; her left eye is blue while the right is hazel.

Vanessa Paradis :
Vanessa Paradis is suffering from diastema. She has gap in front teeth.


Halle Berry:
This actress was born with six toes on her right foot. This is basically polydactyl by doctors.

Jennifer Garner:
Jennifer Garner has an overlapping pinky toe.

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