The Best Celebrity Diets: Lose Weight Fast!


Celebrities have nutritionists and personal chefs that help them with everything about their diet. This is one of the reasons why celebrities have the sexiest bodies in the world. However, you can also make use of their special diets in order to lose weight fast and have a body like a celebrity. Here are two of the best celebrity diets. Lose weight fast with these special diet programs:

Jordin Sparks Diet

Jordin Sparks lost a lot of weight after her stint in American Idol. Her weight loss is attributed to her special diet program. She used to eat a lot of high calorie foods like chips, burgers and pizza. She lost 30 pounds by changing her eating habits and eating high protein meals. She also snacked in between meals with fresh fruits, low-fat yogurt or milk.

This simple alteration had helped Jordin Sparks fight food cravings and prevented unhealthy eating between meals. She also completely eliminated sugary beverages from her diet and turned to milk instead. Sodas and other high-sugar drinks are full of empty calories and these also considerably increase blood sugar levels which is detrimental to weight loss.

According to Jordin, she substituted milk for sugary beverages. She also focused on creating a daily caloric deficit of 300-450 calories for optimal weight loss. This is definitely one of the best celebrity diets. Lose weight fast by incorporating her principles in your diet.

Jessica AlbaJessica Biel

Jennifer Hudson Diet

This is one of the top celebrity diets. Lose weight fast by following some of the methods used by Jennifer Hudson to lose a total of 80 pounds! According to Jennifer, her secret is simply eating healthy. She also eats several small meals that are low in calories and fat. Jennifer Hudson also closely monitored her daily caloric intake to make sure that she is continuously losing weight.

This strategy enabled her to become a size 6 from a size 22 in only a couple of months. However, exercise is a very important part of her weight loss, according to her personal trainer Harley Pasternak who is a renowned celebrity trainer and famous author.


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