Celebrity Exercise Tips for Your Arms, Abs, Butt and Legs


Who is your favorite celebrity? Aside from a great talent in acting, singing or dancing, your favorite celebrity probably has a healthy and fit body. A lot of fans dream of having the same toned body as their favorite celebrities. Here are some of the best celebrity exercise tips from Jessica Biel, Cameron Diaz, Jessica Alba, Eva Longoria and Miranda Kerr to keep your arms, abs, butt and legs toned.

Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel is one of the celebrities who have a sexy body. She ensures that she eats healthy foods all the time. She also has some celebrity exercise tips to fans who want to get a great body. If you are like Jessica who loves toned muscles, you can go into sports for recreation. Jessica mixes full body exercise including lunges at the gym with sports.

Cameron DiazJessica Biel

Cameron Diaz

Who owns the sexiest arms in Hollywood? You’ve probably guessed Cameron Diaz. No need for debate because there is no denying the fact that Cameron is one of most gorgeous celebrities with perfectly toned arms. One of Charlie’s Angels loves to use the elliptical machine. She also lifts some weights. She does Pilates, one of the best forms of exercise and a favorite of Hollywood celebrities.

Jessica Alba

When it comes to abs, Jessica Alba probably has the best toned abdominal muscles. Would you believe that she came from a family with overweight problems? Jessica gets rid of fat by running at the treadmill for 45 to 60 minutes. She gives special attention to her abs by doing 300

Eva Longoriaz

To keep a toned butt, one of the best celebrity exercise tips may come from Eva Longoria. She has a degree in kinesiology and has a personal trainer who makes her do one-legged squats, leg presses and lunges. This routine will not only tone your butt but will also increase its size with more repetition over time.

Celebrities DietsMiranda Ker

Miranda Kerr

Your attention may shift to Victoria’s Secret models when it comes to wonderful legs. Miranda Kerr is one of the models who have nicely shaped legs. Did you know that she runs 2.5 to 5 kilometers regularly? If not running outdoor, she works out for an hour. Thirty minutes are spent for her legs while the rest are spent for her abs, arms and other body parts.

There are many celebrity exercise tips that can help you get fit arms, abs, butt and legs. You just need to spend some time working out and be consistent like these celebrities.
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