Celebrity Inspired Stunning Nail Art


If you are crazy about your nail art then you must have a look to these Celebrities Nail designs .You can try RiRi bold style pink, leopard print, jewel-encrusted, bow nails bold! Or you may like Kid sister stylish nail design

RihanaKid sister

If you love having fun with color, you should definitely brighten up your nails with cute and colorful nail art designs like the beautiful purple nails of Christina . The wonderful world of nail designs takes you on an endless journey where you will fall magnitude of style designs with the lace print nail of Blake lively

ChristinaBlake lively

If you still want more then the diva look of golden nails of Beyonce and Rihana’s bold nail art design then just go with Katy Perry stylish diamonds design or simply have a cool nail like Nicole .

Katy PerryNicole

Photos via seventeen.com