Celebrity Weights: Is It Good Or Bad?


Hollywood celebrities are meant to look pretty and sexy. It is their job to be. However, when can you say that a celebrity has really gone overboard with her weight? Models are meant to be skinny so that they can fit any clothing size. The rise in anorexic or bulimic models is already creating a huge concern in the fashion industry. But still, skinny models walk the runway. What about Hollywood celebrities?

The Beauty In Skin And Bones

Celebrity Weights: Is It Good Or Bad?For some apparent reason, there are Hollywood celebrities who find beauty in skin and bones. They either want to appear really skinny or are undergoing an emotional breakdown which is quite common in Hollywood.

There are two problems in this situation. The first is that being underweight is not healthy at all and second is that the whole world sees them. Being underweight is negative self-image and the young generation today will emulate such image.

On the other hand, there are Hollywood celebrities that are genetically lean and thin. There are many celebrities who have spoken up about the Hollywood celebrity weight issues saying that they’ve really tried to put on weight but it is not working like Nicole Richie.

Examples of celebrities who have lose tremendous weight is Lindsay Lohan. She turned really skinny when she broke up with ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson. She couldn’t even fit her two-piece swimsuit. Renee Zellweger also suffered from Hollywood celebrity weight issues due to her ability to become very skinny and overweight.

Celebrity Weights Today

Do you want to know how much your favorite actresses weigh today? The figures will obviously show that most of them are underweight.

  • Blake Lively of Gossip Girl stands at 5’9 but weighs 123 pounds only.
  • Cameron Diaz is 5’9 but weighs 120 pounds only.
  • Gwyneth Paltrow stands at 5’9 but is only 112 pounds.
  • Katie Holmes is 5’9 but only 118 pounds.
  • Taylor Swift is 5’10 and weighs 120 pounds.

Underweight As Trend

Hollywood celebrities are always under scrutiny and the watchful eye of the media and public. There is always the pressure of making sure they look good in whatever they want. This leads to picking unhealthy methods of losing weight when they need it.

In other cases, Hollywood celebrity weight issues are sparked by the need to lose weight instantly for a movie role. As a result, these celebrities have to do crash diets in order to lose the necessary weight needed. In addition, Hollywood is quite cruel when it comes to printing photos. They do major photo-cropping and editing which makes celebrities feel bad about their appearances too.

On the other hand, these are mere excuses because there are Hollywood celebrities that look sexy by eating right and working out. A good example is Jessica Biel who has a toned body yet she looks sexy as hell.


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