Celebrity’s diet hush-hush

If you think that celebrity diet is as simple as they pretend on some news or magazine interview then you are wrong. To achieve that figure these celebrities have to face many hardships in their life.

From our list we present you some celebrity’s diet charts which can be beneficial.

Jessica Simpson

Recently Jennifer was in the news that how she has reduced oodles of weight in short span of time. With easy following exercise and diet Jennifer has reached her target.

  Before Jessica SimpsonAfter Jessica Simpson

Jenifer Hudson

Jessica has always struggled with yo-yo weight gain and loss for years. Maintaining a good figure is very important for these celebrities. With “Be Slim” strategy given by Andersen it’s easy to maintain a good health just like Jessica Simpson.

 Before Jenifer Hudson After Jenifer Hudson

Nicole Richie

Nicole has maintained her body for years but her level of thinness is not suitable for all body types. So to achieve normal and slim figure just include weight training in your exercise routine adds Andersen!

 Before Nicole Richie After Nicole Richie

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