Celebs Doing Workouts With Their Dogs


Teri Hatcher does not walks alone but with two Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dogs, while she goes for her morning walk.Its seems that it is became a new trend of Hollywood celebrities for their daily walks with their stylish dogs which increase their popularity too.

Amanda Seyfried Finn is also amongst that Hollywood celebrities who likes to takes a nice long walks and hikes through LA’s Griffith Park with her dog for her fitness.

Teri HatcherAmanda Seyfried

Jessica Biel normally found walking together with her beat dogs and she usually goes for a morning walk with her dogs. That is the reason behind her fitness which keeps her fit and fine throughout the day.

Sienna Miller tries to stay undercover as she walks with her tiny doggy whenever she goes for daily walks which is a part of her daily workout schedule.

Jessica BielSienna Miller

Natalie Portman steps out for the first time since giving birth to son Aleph in June, she swiftly regains her perfect health and perfect size too as she is also one of the celebrity who is a dog lover fond of going for long walks with her cute little dog, whenever she gets a free time.

Bethenny Frankel lovable “diva-dog” Cookie, who she says has more attitude than her! Whether she goes LA or NY, Cookie always tags along for the ride. and she does not miss the opportunity to go for a healthy walks with her lovely dog Cookie.

Natalie PortmanBetheny Frankel

Photos via justfired.com


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