Celestolite Radiant Body Exfoliant Reviews – Should You Trust This Product?

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Published: Jan 17, 2018 | Last Updated: Jul 20, 2019

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What is Celestolite Radiant Body Exfoliant

Celestolite Radiant Body Exfoliant is a natural skincare exfoliator product, produced for use by women.

It works well in revealing a youthful radiance and in smoothing away a dull skin complexion.

It hydrates dry skin and enhances exfoliation, thus giving the user an attractive and glowing skin appearance.

Celestolite Radiant

Celestolite Radiant Body Exfoliant is a quick acting skincare treatment, formulated botanical extracts, which work well in enhancing the removal of dead and damaged skin cells, thus giving the user a silky soft and younger look. It penetrates well into the skin and helps to increase skin tightness.

This formula is made available on the internet, and the users can make orders directly from the brand’s official site.

This solution is sold at a price of $66.00, and it’s said to offer free trial sample, free return policy, and free domestic delivery.

Celestolite Radiant Body Exfoliant – Does It Really Work?

Celestolite is the company behind the formulation of this treatment. It’s a company located in London, UK, which is dedicated to producing a range of luxury skincare products, which feature potent and natural ingredients in improving skin appearance, attractiveness, and youthfulness[1].

The manufacturer states that this is a skin care formula, produced to aid in skin exfoliation, hydration, and attractiveness.

It’s a quick acting formula, which leaves the user with a smooth, radiant and younger skin complexion. It enhances skin cells rejuvenation, repair, and healing.

What Are The Ingredients In Celestolite Radiant Body Exfoliant?

This solution is manufactured from a combination of natural ingredients, which penetrate deeply into the skin layer, thus enhancing quick delivery of required elements.

They boost skin moisture, reduce age spots appearance and rejuvenate the skin surface.

They also help in exfoliation, thus giving the user a radiant, smooth and bright complexion.
Celestolite Radiant Body Exfoliant ingredients include:

  • Phenoxyethanol- it’s used in the controlled amount and it helps in the production of this skincare treatment.
  • Mineral Oil- it shields skin moisture to enhance the healing of the dry and irritated skin. It makes this product feel luxurious and silky-smooth. However, it clogs skin pores when applied for long.
  • Glycerin- it maintains skin moisture balance. This is a humectant agent which help to attract water towards the skin surface, and it also seals skin moisture from evaporating, thus keeping the skin dewy, smooth and with increased tightness and elasticity.
  • Aqua- it helps in skin hydration and in the absorption of useful elements, thus boosting the skin health, firmness and attractiveness.
  • Shea Butter- it works well in benefiting a sun damaged skin. It prevents premature wrinkles formation; eliminate fine lines, eczema, and dermatitis.

How To Apply Celestolite Radiant Body Exfoliant

Wash your facial skin well with a suitable cleanser and make it dry. Apply a suitable amount of the cream on the facial skin and neck, and massage gently for about 10 to 15 minutes to allow it to absorb completely into the skin and to acquire wonderful results.

Benefits of Celestolite Radiant Body Exfoliant

  • This is a fast acting solution, which plays a role in eliminating wrinkles, fine lines and skin blemishes such as acne signs and dermatitis.
  • It contains potent ingredients in enhancing skin hydration, thus increasing tightness while protecting the skin from sagging.
  • It helps in skin exfoliation[2], thus eliminating damaged skin and improves skin radiance, youthfulness, brightness as well as softness.
  • It has free trial offers, free domestic delivery and money back guarantee.
  • It’s manufactured by a reputable company, dedicated to producing safe and potent skincare formulas.

Disadvantages of Celestolite Radiant Body Exfoliant

  • Some of the compounds used may cause skin problems such as pores clogging and detoxification.
  • It has limited customer reviews and clinical trial evidence to support the claims about effectiveness.

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Does Celestolite Radiant Body Exfoliant Have Any Side Effects?

Celestolite Radiant Body Exfoliant side effects are:

  • Skin Irritations
  • Skin pores clogging
  • Burning sensation

Final Verdict : Celestolite Radiant Body Exfoliant

Celestolite Radiant Body Exfoliant is a skincare product, produced to aid in skin exfoliation and hydration. It works well in enhancing a smooth, radiant and attractive appearance. It increases skin tightness, thus eliminating skin aging signs.

This formula has limited customer reviews and clinical studies evidence to support its claims about safety and efficacy.

Details provided by this review are insufficient to be sure about the effectiveness of this solution. Therefore, it’s good to find out more information before making a purchase.

Many companies promise to have created the ideal facial skin exfoliator, but it is important to analyze each of these products in a nonbiased manner. An ideal facial exfoliator should be able to penetrate deep into layers of skin in order to cleanse these skin cells at the same time that it exfoliates them. Such an exfoliator must also effectively remove all dead skin cells, and the best products will even minimize the appearance of wrinkles and other fine lines. The overall effect of using a facial exfoliator should be noticeably brighter, cleaner skin. Below is are several top exfoliator products.

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