Changing Weather Demands for better Hair Care Methods


Seasons are never same they are always changing and with changing environment one have to take special care to adjust with it. Winter season is one of the most pleasing season and everyone enjoy cold nature. But with it one is required to work more with body and hair care. Along with your body skin your hairs also need to take special care. In addition, hairs can be damaged more then your skin if not taken care properly.

Hair problems like splits formation, dryness, dull and rough hairs, sometimes hairs lose all the shining and lose its natural color. In such cases it becomes difficult to manage it to come back in its natural and shiny look. Therefore, it is prime necessary to take care of your hairs with the changing season especially in winter season. In winter season the cold and harsh flowing air destroys hair texture and makes it dull. It also affects the scalp giving rise to more severe problems like dandruff and itchy scalp.

Sometimes due to incorrect and false information about simple hair care tips, you may be in trouble. Therefore it is important to know the right and perfect tips that really help in overcoming hair problems particularly in cold season.

Avoid excess shampooing your hairs

Most of the people make a very common mistake of shampooing hairs frequently. Usually it has observed that in cold weather hairs as well as scalp becomes dry. Make sure that you shampoo your hair not more then once a day or two.

Know the product well before applying it. It prominently depends on the type of product you use and how frequently. This depends on the chemicals and ingredients used in that product. Most of the shampoos contain strong and powerful ingredients that may also cause bleaching effect to give instance shining and glow to your hairs. In doing so these may lose natural hair proteins and therefore frequent using, they may severely damage the hair texture.

Avoid overuse of hair dryers

Using hair dryers will make hair drier. Dryers use hot air technique to dry hairs. This heat treating makes hair lose the moisture, it damages the hair texture. Heat disrupts the texture and makes it dull.

Treat your hair with care

For dry and brittle hairs use good conditioner that will work well to make it glowing. Wear a protecting coverage like scarf or cap that will protect from cold and wind. Provide good nutrition to your hairs by using good oil rich in vitamins and proteins. Prefer using it before going to bed so that it will give good nourishment to hairs and scalp. The overnight application of hairs can allow good absorption of essentials through the hair follicle right from the roots.

Use warm water for rinsing hairs as heat can damage the hair texture. Avoid using heating devices like iron rods for curling hairs and any such heat devices used for hair.

Use good conditioners to provide good moisture and glow to your hair texture. Use boar or nylon hair brush brittles with rounded tips as they are useful in keeping scalp smooth and promotes good scalp circulation.

However, it is important to care your hairs properly depending upon the changing weather conditions.


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