Choosing a Right Hair Style For You!


We can find many different hair colors in the market but if you have dark black color hairs you are lucky to have those. Dark black color hair is probably the best one that suits everyone. You do not have to worry about the style it looks superb on all the hairstyles. Your hair can be small, long, curly, sleek, funky, short, straight or twisted. Black hair gives you the most versatile look. They are considered to be the most intricate in today’s world of glamor.

While deciding a hairstyle you must consider a few fundamental and basic things. You will have to give prime importance to your features. Your facial features are very important to be considered before opting for a hair cut. A perfect hair cut enhances your beauty and make you look stunning. A small mistake in making a choice in your hair cut will damage your beauty.

A professional hair stylist considers your features, bone structure and your body structure before giving you a hair cut. Considering all these before cutting your hair or making a hairstyle can help you get gorgeous stunning look.

There are basically five face shapes. You only have to know yours and get a suitable hairstyle accordingly.

The Basic Face Types are:-


Choosing a right hairstyle for right face shape helps you get attractive and stunning looks.
You can easily identify your face shape.

Oval Shape

Certain facial features with symmetry define oval shape. Hair line and nose bridge distance, distance between the eyes, from nose to lips and from your lips to the chin bottom decides the shape of your face. If you have an oval shaped face then you are probably the luckiest one. Since all hair styles and all hair cuts suits this shape. You can try many different hair styles every time and look different when ever you want to.

Square Shape

Angular jaw line and bold fore head defines a square face. Hair style having soft edges and a beautiful smooth and rich texture suits you the best.
Your hair should be longer than your jaw line, and if it’s layered they will look beautiful. Straight and sleek hair looks best on people with square face.

Round Shape

You can easily make out round face. They are just round in shape. People with round shape have wider cheek bones and their forehead and chin are smaller.
Hair style that has a height in the bang looks the best.

Heart Shape

People with heart shaped face have a broader forehead and have pointed chin. These people are considered to be the most attractive people. They can try a hair style which helps them look their face oval by keeping the hair short

Triangular Shape

People with triangular shape face have angular jaw line but their forehead is narrow.
Hair style or hair cut that suits a person with square face also suites them.
The only difference is that they should have more height and fullness.


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