Christina Aguilera Shows Off Slim Figure at Billboard Awards

Christina Aguilera Shows Off Slim Figure at Billboard AwardsChristina Aguilera Shows Off Slim Figure at Billboard Awards

Aguilera was seen at Billboard Music Awards 2013 with slim and sexy figure. She’s been spotted hitting gym of late and the result is evident from her body. The 32 year old blond singer was wearing black outfit and she still had an enviably smaller waist.

Christina Aguilera revealed to Peoples magazine that she constantly worked with her trainer Tee Sorge and eats healthier to keep her slimmed down figure.

Criticism over weight gain:

Previously the singer has been criticized for weight gain. She re-teamed up with Sorge to work for healthy and slimmer figure.

Stunningly Slender Physique:

Aguilera took break from her tenure as judge on musical hunt show “The Voice” for this season. She worked towards getting slimmer, healthier figure and also on her music. Now she appears to have lost more weight and the singer jumped around the stage to dance pop hit. During the awards show, the “voice’ judge performed song ‘feel this moment” with rapper Pitbull.

Recently, she shared a smoldering snap of her silhouette on twitter.

Christina Aguilera Shows Off Slim Figure at Billboard Awards

She was also spotted with her boyfriend Matthew Rutler on shopping trip and showed off her slimmer figure. It seems that re-teaming up with Sorge is working for the star.

Despite looking svelte Christina spoke out saying she loves that after years of being stick thin that she now has curves.

Previous year, she said that she was totally unconcerned about the way her clothes revealed her assets. She also stated it was quite a challenge to be too thin so she loves having booty now and obviously she love showing her cleavage.

Sources close to her confirmed she’s taking healthy approach, trying new exercises and enjoying herself rather than stuffs for weight loss.

She announced her Come back to “The Voice” for season 5 by replacing Shakira.

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