21 Christmas Nail Art Ideas To Try Right Now


It is now December! Families are seen decorating their lovely homes by hanging the Christmas lights and styling their tree. There is no denying the Yuletide season is on. For women who want to embrace the season of giving some more, why not try to be more festive by painting your nails with some Christmas Nail Art Ideas.

Christmas Nail Art

Christmas Nail Art has the season to thank for its existence. The nail art celebrates anything related to this very special Holiday– snowman, snowflakes, Santa hats, the likes! Whenever you look at your fingernails, you will be remembered that the jolly season is upon us. Is it not a complete mood booster?

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How To Make Christmas Nail Art

There are plenty of ideas on how to do your nails for Christmas. Below are some quick Christmas Nail Art Tutorials to give you some ideas:

1. Red Christmas Nail Art With White Designs

Red Christmas Nail Art With White Designs

You can achieve this elegant Christmas nail art by painting your nails a shade of the Christmas red and keep it glossy. After a while you can, grab your white nail paint and add a few dots and the star of Bethlehem as the highlight of the design.

2. Light Blue Colored Christmas Nail Art With Snow

Light Blue Colored Christmas Nail Art With Snow

Something the beautiful Queen Elsa may want to try. Mix greyish white and light blue in an ombre manner. Add tiny dots of white and glittery silvers to create a snowy look. For an added elegance, you can put delicate snowflakes. The intricate details will surely be an eye-catcher.

3. Red Nails With Beautiful Snowflakes

Red Nails With Beautiful Snowflakes for Christmas

Snowflakes Nail Art For Christmas is popular. Go for red lacquer with a white frosted tip. Add small snowflakes to complete the elegant look. Winter Nail Art Design is popular nowadays.

4. French Manicure with a Christmas Twist

french manicure with a christmas twist

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Make a festive version of the classic by adding glitters to the white tip. You can also add a small garland in one of your nails for a lovelier look.

5. Christmas Mistletoe Nail Designs

Christmas Mistletoe Nail Designs

Another French manicure that is perfect for the holiday. Draw a mistletoe on the area where the white tip meets the clear nail polish.

6. Gold and Glitter

Gold and Glitter for Christmas nail art

Sounds posh, right? Add a yuletide touch to it by using the gold polish to draw snowflakes.

7. Sparkly Nails

Sparkly Nails on Christmas

This Glitter Nail Art Tutorial is very easy. All you need is a nude glittered nail polish. No fuss. Your set of nails will look whimsical, but classy. Pink Glitter Nail Art also achieves the same effect.

8. Classy Christmas Gift

Classy Christmas Gift

Paint your nails black and add gold trimmings for a sophisticated but holiday look. You can use other Christmas colors.

9. Santa’s Classy Hat

Santa's Classy Hat

With French Tip in mind, instead of a white tip, try painting Santa’s hat with red, pearl white, and silver glittered nail polish.

10. Striped Nail Art Design For Christmas

Striped nail art design  for Christmas

Fun Candy Cane Christmas Nails are simple but special. You can do this fun nail design simply by making different complementing designs of stripes with red and white nail polish. That’s the basic step, but you can be as creative with as you want.

11. Christmas Elf Nail Art

Christmas Elf Nail Art

Santa and reminders are everywhere, but Christmas Elf Nail Art seems to be less popular. Get Christmas green nail polish, preferably with glitter. Paint alternately with white nail polish on each nail.On one white painted nail, draw a shoe of an elf as a toast to our tiny helpers.

12. Christmas Tree Nails

Christmas Tree Nails

Learning how to make Christmas tree nails is quite easy.Paint your nails with a plain nail polish. Once dry, put two thin stripes to form a triangle. This is one of the most creative nail art hacks. Paint the inside of the triangle green. Decorate it however you wish.

13. Christmas Reindeer Nail Art

Christmas Reindeer Nail Art

14. Grey Sparkly Snowman

Grey Sparkly Snowman

Make this even more fun by mixing it with a Santa Nail Art. The combination will be so endearing.
Design your glittered nail with an image of the snowman on just one nail. Make it a fun Christmas Snowman Nail Art.

15. Simple Snowman

Simple Snowman

Paint your nails white. Add three buttons in the middle. Draw a scarf (L shaped) using red and green nail polish.

16. Christmas And Olaf

Christmas And Olaf

Blue sparkly nails are elegant, but make it more exciting by painting Olaf on one of your nails.

17. Green Christmas Tree And Lights

Green Christmas Tree And Lights

Another cute idea is to place a Christmas tree on the nail of your pinky and pointing finger. Connect with colorful Christmas lights on the remaining nails.

18. French Manicure and Bows

French Manicure and Bows

For a more fun style, try placing a bow on the area before the white tip starts. Use green and red for a more cute touch.

19. Simple Christmas Tree Art

Simple Christmas Tree Art

On a glittered nail, draw a squiggle of a Christmas tree. You can use any color.

20. Colorful Lights

Colorful Lights

Use white nail as background. Black nail polish can be used to create an image of a wire. Finish off with colorful round bulbs.

21. Fairy Light

Fairy Light

Same as above design, but instead of using black, try a dark grey nail polish and instead of colorful bulbs, make use of gold sparkly nail polish.

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While these may not be a a perfect guide for step by step nail art for Christmas, it is guaranteed to give you some fresh ideas. Now, how do you ensure that these pretty designs remain on your nails for a long time?

How To Make Nail Art Stay Longer?

Here are some tips that can help your nail designs last longer:

  • By using the best nail polish products, you can maintain your nail art a bit longer. There are long-lasting manicure designs, like marble nail art, which can yield better results.
  • Avoid picking your nails.
  • And of course, you need to make sure that you have healthy nail habits, such as constant washing of hands and proper moisturizing. Moisturizing your nails is the best way on how to prevent dry skin around the nails.
  • Avoid using your nails as tools.

How to Stop your Nails From Breaking, Splitting, Peeling and Chipping

Taking care of your nails does not need too much fuss or effort. Here are some simple ways to do stop your nails from getting ruined.

  • Be sure not to bite your nails. If you are nail-biter, you can try chewing gum, instead. Nail biting deterrents are also great and effective.
  • Refrain from using cuticle removers. This solution contains substances that can destroy the keratin found on your cuticle. Its high alkali nature can also cause some mild skin diseases.
  • Filing your nails when they are dry is a nasty, but fairly common habit. This practice will cause your nails to separate. Do this after a bath and remember to file your nails in just a single direction.
  • Always have a handy protective gloves. Whether you are doing some work inside the home or the garage, wearing a protective pair of gloves from can prevent a lot of unwanted experience.
  • Apply nail polish. Nail polish can help protect the moisture and retains it, as well. Just do not leave it on for so long to avoid discoloration of your nails.


Always remember that no matter how small of details nails are, they are still crucial. There are many articles on what nail shape says about your personality. If these were true, make sure you leave a worthy impression!


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