Christmas Party Red Lip Make Up Ideas


Red is one of the major colors that represent the holiday seasons. You can rock those red, full lips this Christmas season to stand out during parties and other important events.

But with the stresses that daily work brings, your lips could get dehydrated, which makes it look thin, cracked and dry. Smoking and too much sun exposure can also damage your lips badly.

Ladies want to have that full, red lips that can make them stand out during the Christmas holidays. There are tricks and make-ups that can bring back that youthful red lips. But if make-up won’t suffice, there are effective and safe treatments that could bring you that natural looking, red, full lips you want for Christmas.

Natural-Looking Fillers ($600 to $1,000 per treatment)

Natural-Looking Fillers

You don’t want to have that very loud pout that are usually featured in tabloids. You want that subtle, but plump lips that looks very believable. To get those natural looking lush lips, the best treatment today is to inject fillers. New York dermatologists Anne Chapas and Fredric Brandt both recommend hyaluronic acid gels Hyaluronic can last up to a year, making it better than collagen and other substances, which usually last for a few weeks.

It also doesn’t cause any allergic reaction, and you can simply dissolve it with an antidote if you don’t like the results, which makes it one of the best fillers, according to Beverly Hills dermatologist Harold Lancer.

There are a lot of art and science involved in injecting fillers in your lips. One of the disadvantages of injecting fillers is scarring, because your lip is a very thin skin. Brandt suggests injecting the filler within the lip line to avoid that horrible looking “duck lip.”

The different types of hyaluronic acids are Belotero, Juvéderm, and Restyylane.

According to Chappas, housewives and older women should have Juvéderm for their filler, because it adds more stiffness and structure to the lips.

Meanwhile, Belotero makes the lip poutier because it is suppler. Brandt said this is the best solution for vertical lines.

New York dermatologist Heidi Waldorf said that the needlework might include other parts of the face to complement your bigger and fuller lips.

Your Own Fat ($3,500 to $6500)

Your Own Fat

Fillers are convenient, but doctors still believe that your own fat is the best material to achieve those natural looking fuller lips.

Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Lawrence Koplin says your own fat is better because it flows smoothly and it doesn’t tend to migrate or lump up.

Since fats are from your own body, it is more permanent. Fillers on the other hand can be removed if you don’t like the results.

The grafts of fats can be injected not just in the lip, but also along the lip borders and the vertical lip lines to bring different effects to the lips.

The fat-transfer is a very involved process, where the fat must be harvested before it is injected.

Koplin gave a lot of major reasons why fat-transfer is better than putting fillers in the lips. He said fillers could get expensive, but these are temporary and are not alive. Foreign materials that are not alive make the very active lips move slower and stiffer. He said, fillers can make people look good only if they don’t talk.

Subcision ($400 per treatment)


Subcision is a surgical method that is similar to treating scar tissue. The process is done by moving a small cannula below under the lip’s surface. This breaks up the tight fibrous bands in the lip that pulls the skin in position. Through this, that area of the lips gets expanded, giving it a suppler and softer look. Since the tissue is no longer tight, it instantly fills the deflated skin and line.

If you are not into treatments, try a plumping gloss to achieve that fuller pout. Laura Mercier Lip Plumper is a good material at only $30. It has ingredients that can irritate the lips, making it swell and look fuller.

Conditioning lip treatments like collagen or hyaluronic acid can absorb water, which gives your lip a swollen look. Try La Praire Anti-Aging Eye and Lip Contour Cream at $190.

New York makeup artist Ashleigh Ciucci said glossy, light shades can make your lips look larger compared to matte, darker shades.

You can also make your lips look fuller by applying a tiny dot of highlighter right above the Cupid’s bow of your lips. Also, apply it in the middle of your lower lip. A wonderful highlighter you should try is the Nars Illuminator in Copacabana at $30.

There are make-ups you can try if you are not into treatments and complicated tricks. Other brands for that striking red lips this holiday season are the Deep Red NYX Lipliner and the Really Red Revlon Lipstick.


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