Clown Contouring, A Next Makeup Trick That Will Make You Look Flawless


Clown contouring is an upcoming makeup trend with developing variations towards a flawless skin and new hair look. The new techniques utilize colorless contouring without necessarily using color shades on skin or hair treatment for an improved full body look. With the way things are going, it is apparent that full body contouring will be the next thing in days to come, but there must already be some clips about it on the internet. This new approach might prompt you into buying new contouring platelets in bulk to get a taste of all the emerging twists.

Clown Contouring Origin

Bellas De Lune is the YouTube beauty blogger renowned for inventing clown contouring, which is gaining popularity across the world. Lune started by posting a video in response to the troll who called a “clown” for her unique contouring technique. I reference to the Daily Mail, Lune got a huge response to her video with many people requesting for a detailed tutorial on how to clown contour. It is evident that when people see improved appearances on a person’s face, they rush to find out how they can incorporate the trick in their makeup routine. Who doesn’t want to look more attractive anyway?

Uniqueness From Regular Contouring

Clown contouring is unique from regular contouring in a number of ways. It combines regular contouring with a supersize offering of Ronald McDonald to get clown contouring. In this new technique, it not only involves shading, but also highlighting and color correction. Rather than using general lines and color blocks, you should paint your face as if you are doing a clown face paint for a special event using geometric shapes. The main difference between clown contouring and regular contouring is that you are required to apply the colors as directed in the contouring guidelines about the areas you want highlighted or shaped. In addition, in this new technique, you are supposed to blend everything together such that you are not doing outside using a ring around your mouth. This means your lips will also be clown contoured.

Are The Results Unique?

Are The Results Unique?

While the clown contouring approach is unique in its execution, the results are nothing different other than the same airbrushed Kardashian contoured face that nearly everyone yearns for. Contouring mainly targets different parts of your face, including the temple, nose, cheekbone, jaw line, eye crease, under eye triangle, inner corners of the eyes, chin, lips and center part of your neck. Some people go to the extremes of contouring their collarbone. Contouring aims to make your face a little more oval in shape, which is ideal for makeup application. It chisels your nose and cheekbone to look slim, and contours your eyes to pop out for a more youthful and confident look.

Getting The New Look

If you would like to get a new look with clown contouring, you should refer to Bella De Lune’s video clip on YouTube. Ensure you have your regular contouring platelets and color correcting shades. For her new look, Lune used creams and a small brush. The decoration on her face has significant meaning, although you might not need to use it on a daily basis to enhance your look unless you are a pro in blending it.

Clown Contouring Tips

Clown Contouring Tips
  • Always start with concealing under your eyes using a concealer that is lighter than your skin.
  • With the concealer intact, draw a square on your chin, down the length of your nose and the center of your forehead.
  • Depending on your preferred coloring, use a pink or red blusher and apply in circles to your cheeks.
  • Shade with a foundation color that is darker than your skin if you want to draw lines on the sides of your nose, beneath your cheekbones and sides of forehead.
  • Share your new look in the social media to draw attention and comments!


The quest for enhanced beauty continues to take new twists and turns nearly every day. It won’t be a surprise for the new clown contouring technique to adopt several variations that most people, including cosmetologists, have never thought about. Bella’s new invention is a great technique to be on the look out for if you would like to give it a trial and see if it works to get you a flawless skin. The technique use a combination of small concealer brushes, larger contour brush and beauty blender to blend all the colors into each other for an improved makeup look.

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