Color Lip Plumper – Common Questions about Color Lip Plumper


You saw an advertisement for a color lip plumper and wondered what that was all about. Here are some common questions and answers about these tinted plumping products:

What is a color lip plumper anyway? A color lip plumper involves the combination of a lip plumping product with a tint or color. This allows you to use a single product for both plumping lips and giving your lips color. Many like this option since they can get a more natural look with a slight tint. The plumping product can be doing its job while you are looking as good as possible.

How does lip plumper work to plump lips? The tinting in a color lip plumper is only the beginning. The coloring ingredients are additional to the plumping ones. The ingredients in a lip plumper do the job by drawing blood into the tissues of the lips to make them fuller. These best color lip plumper will do more than that. It should contain moisturizers that keep the lips healthy and full naturally. Some contain additional ingredients that will help increase the lip volume over time. These help to encourage the growth of new collagen and elastin in the lips.

Why choose a color lip plumper over a clear one? This is a purely subjective choice for someone to make. Many use a clear lip plumper every day to give their lips that fuller appearance. They then color it over with lipstick or gloss. However, many want a simpler solution. That is where a color lip plumper makes a difference. You can get the fuller lips you want and skip the step of applying lipstick or lip gloss in addition. The color lip plumper already contains tinting. The only real problem with this is that you do not have many selections in color and you will need to buy multiple shades of the lip plumping product.

What else do you need to know before you use a color lip plumper? In almost every cases, a color lip plumper is not a permanent solution for plumping lips. They will give you a temporary plump look. Within a few hours, the plumpness will diminish. Those that help build collagen and elastin require consistent use for many weeks for this to happen. Keep all of this in mind when selecting a color lip plumper. You will not regret taking the time to consider options before purchase.


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