Eye Makeup Tutorial: 10 Ways To Wear a Colored Mascara Like A Pro


Beauty trends are taking weird stands. Just the other day, we had smudged lipstick trending and now, it seems that mascara “colored” is making a return from the 90’s and the 80’s. Well, it is definitely not the opportune moment to miss this trend! Therefore, if you are stretching for your brown and black mascara, please stop. It is not a damper on your morning beauty routine, but sometimes change is good. Furthermore, after you are done checking out the mascara “colored” looks and appearances here, you won’t have to associate colored mascara with hippies. Making it classic colors, is our main aim. Making you look beautiful and classy, if for using mascara colored or not in the right way.

Colored Mascara Eye Makeup

For a long time, people have been comfortable wearing brown and black mascara and leaving out the bold colors from the equation. Colored mascara is associated with some of the most notorious and liberal individuals such as hippies. However, wearing blue mascara, mixing up the black and maroon mascara looks is what is currently trending in the fashion and beauty industries today. In fact, it can be described as one of the biggest beauty trends 2017. Here are some of the trending colored mascara looks and appearances today.

1. Cara Delevingne Amazing Colored Mascara

Cara Delevingne Amazing Colored Mascara

If learning for the first time how to wear colored mascara, you definitely need some inspiration. In addition, you need a variety of colored makeup looks to help you on your way to amazing appearances and use of colored mascara. Well, you don’t have to go far in achieving the desired look. Cara delevingne can be termed as the queen of different colors and use. If in need, i believe her makeup artist can come up with eye makeup tutorial. In addition, she also pulls of the cool colored mascara makeup, which is quite envious.

2. Match Your Mascara With The Eyeliner

Match Your Mascara With The Eyeliner

Ever thought matching your mascara color to that of the eyeliner? Well, the new eye makeup trends 2017 are sort of mixing it up for us and making us go “whoa” with the new makeup tips. This is the perfect look as it brings out your lashes and provides a refreshing allure to your entire outfit and makeup look. It also offers a base in how to use colored mascara in an efficient manner without making it excessive. The navy blue eyeliner and the navy mascara also have an added bit of navy blue eyeshadow to it.

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3. Lipstick And Mascara

3. Lipstick And Mascara

Do you enjoy having uniform colors on your lips and on the eyes? If looking for that striking look that will make others stand on your way, then this is the kind of colored mascara looks you should aim at. Apart from being eye- catching, they are also interesting to wear. In addition, you can vary in colors from orange to plums and pink if so desired.

4. Contrast Mascara Colors

Contrast Mascara Colors

This is color trend mascara extra volume that can be pulled off by those already named the queens of wearing mascara. In addition, it offers you the chance to experiment with the two colored mascara tubes on your makeup table. In addition, use the colored mascara tips offered by different people and beauty experts to come up with a unique or trending mascara for your summer makeup look.

5. Add Color To Black And Brown Mascara

Add Color To Black And Brown Mascara

Now, you daily routine does not have to be boring or the same. You can add some mascara to the tips of your eyelashes. Match that with your lip gloss or lipstick and enjoy the day. Furthermore, you are assured that the two mascaras will match your eye colors especially for those with brown eyes. Also, prim and trim your eyelashes and eyebrows to match the makeup you are wearing today.

6. Sparkling Mascara

Sparkling Mascara

Color trend mascara extra volume is one of the most effective ways of using colored makeup. If interested in a sparkling night out or going for a party, it is essential that you look and feel the part. Having learned how to use colored mascara, it is time to add some shimmer to the same especially if wearing metallic mascara.

7. Subtle Mascara Look

Subtle Mascara Look

Sometimes, you just want to remain anonymous and not cause too much commotion. Well, purple colored mascara is how to pull off this specific look. If it will be too daunting for you, why not try applying the mascara on your lower lashes only.

8. Personalized Mascara Look

Personalized Mascara Look

This has no limitations associated with it. You can mix any mascara colors and wear them as you like depending on the new eye makeup trends 2017 you have seen and desire. You can layer the colors or blend them together. Layering will require you to apply on your top lashes as well as the bottom ones for maximum effect. This is one of the best-personalized makeup looks that one can come up with. However, you should try them out carefully to avoid the mascara spilling into your eyes and causing them to swell.

9. Intense Mascara Look

Intense Mascara Look

Sometimes volume is what we are looking for. This is a statement making mascara look. Well, this is achieved using black mascara mixed up with another color following the new eye makeup trends 2017. It generally makes your eyes pop and the contrast with your other makeup including highlighter can be seen. Furthermore, you can make the biggest beauty trends 2017 by following up on this specific look or appearance.

10. Bold Or Graphic Eye Shadow

BBold Or Graphic Eye Shadow

Colored makeup such as blue, red, orange and even red can be daunting and quite bold if worn alone. In learning how to wear colored mascara, you gain knowledge of the different colored mascara tips to use if given a chance. By adding another bold eye shadow color or eyeliner, you end up with an interesting final look and one of the biggest beauty trends 2017. This is just another colored mascara trend to try out.

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