Coming Soon: Jennifer Anniston Hair Care Line


Who doesn’t remember the shag look that became very popular in the 90s? During that time, Jennifer Anniston’s shag hair style was the most requested hairstyle in the world. The shag which was also known as “the Rachel” became so popular that you couldn’t go out without coming across several women wearing the hairdo.

According to Anniston who played Rachel in one of the most successful television shows in the 90s, she quickly became tired of the layered style that she even begged her Friends bosses to give her permission to change it. Since then, the A-list actress became a hair icon and the media noticed every time she changed her hairdo.

Coming Soon: Jennifer Anniston Hair Care Line

The latest news is about the Jennifer Anniston Hair Care Line which made headlines when the Hollywood leading lady signed a deal as spokeswoman for Living Proof hair care products.

The Details

Although it is still not sure that a Jennifer Anniston Hair Care Line will be made available, it is certain that former Mrs. Brad Pitt believes in the hair care company. In fact, she has taken the unusual step of investing in a small hair care company which is based in Massachusetts. This is proof that the company really has potential and they offer quality products.

According to Jennifer Anniston, her hair has been subjected to everything from blow driers, color, extensions, curling irons, etc. After trying Living Proof hair care products, she claims that she finally discovered a solution that works each and every time. She also stated that she is very excited to share Living Proof with the rest of the world.

Living Proof

Living proof is a small line of hair care products that have been available for only 8 years. The line was developed in a science laboratory by a professor from MIT, Dr. Bob Langer. Together with investors Jon Flint and Dr. Amir Nashat, they assembled a team of scientists from different industries to develop hair products that will solve the common problems of women. According to loyal customers of the brand, the products form Living Proof really work and are backed up by actual science.

The Partnership

Everyone familiar with Anniston knows that she is not known for endorsing many products. In this case, she has gone as far as investing in the company so this is really significant news. She is now a significant shareholder and will be involved in both creative and business decisions like product development and designing the product’s packaging. This is according Living Proof’s CEO, Jill Beraud. They are still deciding whether a Jennifer Anniston Hair Care Line will be created to help boost the popularity of Living Proof. However, the company and Anniston’s representatives are still mum on this subject.


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