A Complete List of 2015’s Greatest Beauty Hacks Rediscovered


From skincare breakthroughs to daily beauty hacks that outsmart your beauty products and your stubborn locks, 2015 was indeed a year that celebrated beauty. Let’s toast to the Top 10 greatest beauty tips discovered (and rediscovered) in 2015.

Top 10 beauty tips of the year

Below, a list of 2015’s greatest beauty hacks and breakthroughs which you’ll have plenty of time in 2016 to practice and make perfect!

1. A corrector pen or lip pencil in white or in your skin tone used to outline your lips gives your pout a more flattering shape that stays in place. Say goodbye smudge with this easy trick. You may also use a concealer with a lip brush to outline your lips.

2. Matte, light, deep red and bright pink lips during winter or spring is A-ok whatever your skin color is. It’s not about your lip color. It’s about how confident you are wearing that color! In 2015, age old customs in coloring lips were broken. We saw glitters in winter and matte in spring. We’ve seen how a bright pink lip color was just as bold and sexy as puckers in deep burgundy. Before we forget, plum and gothic black also became a go-to color for many in 2015.

3. The future is now: metallic lipstick, gold eyebrows, and silver tear gland highlighters were a big hit in 2015. Matched with equally bold and loud hair colors, you’re way ahead of the space travel era!

Face and hair contouring

4. Face and hair contouring can flatter anybody’s look. Age appropriate is no longer an issues with face and hair contouring in 2015. We’ve seen how the 14 all the way to the 40 year olds have rocked their way on red carpet and the streets with this new, effortless and totally flattering make-dos. For your face, simply reach for a contouring powder that’s a shade darker than your foundation to draw lines and shadows across your face that highlight the bones of your forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. For your hair, find the haircut, color and highlights that let you effortlessly transform from bed time beauty into your neighborhood’s “it” girl.

5. Synthetic, flat brush also became the best way to blend in your foundation and prevent it from caking. Never have to use your hands again!

6. Lash curler warmed with a blow dryer was a great beauty fix prep time slasher in 2015. No more need for repeated curler pumping! Get those sexy, curvy eyelashes in a flash by holding your lash curler over a blow dryer in hot setting before curling your eyelashes. It not only curls much easier, it also holds the style! Brush curled lashes with an eyelash primer before putting on your mascara.

7. Self-warming masks are a hit in winter. You can now say, ‘No’ to dry, lifeless winter skin. Keep exfoliating to pull out the dirt and dead cells clogging pores and dead skin to keep skin soft and smooth even in the chilly winter. Self-warming masks work as soon as these are activated by water on your skin. The warming effect melts the excess oils that clog your pores so that these impurities can be excreted, letting your skin breathe in winter without drying.

8. Hairspray found their way back into fashion in 2015 from way back when Madonna was still singing and dancing to ‘Like a Virgin’ in the 80s! And, no, it’s not because tissing is in again (nobody’s hoping it will) but, hairspray is a great hack for stubborn and unruly locks that ruin your crisp, hair up pony look. Don’t spray it on hair directly but on a toothbrush then, slowly work the sprayed toothbrush into your ponied, ironed-haired, no frizz, crisp look.

9. Get soft curls in minutes by pulling up your hair in a pony and curling the tips in bunches. No more need to spend hours prepping your curls. Simply tie up your hair into a high pony. Get hold of your hair curler with a curl size of your choice to work the curls on the tips of your hair. Get a manageable bunch and curl each group of hair strands separately. Take of your pony and let your curls fall on each side of your shoulders. You should be done with this trick in under 5 to 15 minutes.

10. Non-surgical face lifts are fast progressing. Thanks to scientific advances, we are inching closer to non-invasive skin aging treatments that give the same results as a surgical face lift minus the pain and side effects associated with such invasive procedures. One such procedure that came out recently are radio frequency treatments that catalyze skin renewal and rejuvenation by stimulating your skin to produce more elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid without the risks associated with surgical nips and tucks.


Still the beauty tip to beat is shifting to a healthier lifestyle. Nothing rejuvenates your skin and hair more than giving it the right kind and sufficient levels of nutrients and rest it needs to power up your body’s natural ability to heal itself. The best beauty tips of 2015 remain to be: eat healthy, drink plenty of water, get sufficient sleep, and keep moving!


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