5 Concealer Hacks to Make your Dark Circles Disappear for good


Yeah, we hear you, girl! Dark under eye circles are a sure fire way to ruin your vibe, and the most challenging part is that it’s not that easy to make them disappear. But not with these top 5 concealer hacks that can give you the instant solution to brighten up your dark circles and keep doing the same trick to make these disappear everyday for the rest of your life.

Tip No. 1: Get your Concealer in the Right Color
After you have chosen your foundation shade, that’s when you should determine what concealer color you need. Do you need one in a lighter or darker shade? When you have mature skin, the trick gets trickier. You often will need several shades of concealer to cover up your skin imperfections but, one will always be in your base color.

Tip No. 2: Use a Concealer brush to put on your Concealer

Use a Concealer brush

Applying concealer with your fingers is fine but, if you think they’re giving you full control then, you’re wrong. To better layer and blend your concealer, get a concealer brush.

Tip No. 3: Draw an inverted triangle when Applying your Concealer.
This technique draws the light and focus of attention away from your dark circles. It gives you much better coverage than applying your concealer in an arc, simply following the marks of the dark circles on your face.

Tip No. 4: Use another Concealer tint to Neautralize any remaining visible Darkened skin or Discoloration
This tip is particularly useful more old, matured and dry skin. After applying your base concealer (don’t blend in too well just yet), work on your dark circles some more by layering with a lighter concealer color. If you have bluish dark circles, top your base concealer with an orange-tinted concealer. Blend both tints well. If you have purplish dark circles, which are much darker than the bluish ones, use a light pink or a yellow tinted concealer to blend in with your base concealer.

Tip No. 5: Set your Concealer with a Loose Powder

Concealer with a Loose powder

Use a translucent powder or a loose powder in yellowish or neutral shade to top off your concealer. This helps freeze your concealer and make sure that it lasts the whole day or the rest of the evening.

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Whiile these hacks can get you up and running in no time, pay attention to longer term solutions to your dark circles as well. Try to occasionally top your eyes with cold cucumber slices or green tea bags to permanently lighten your dark circles. Also get sufficient amount of sleep and exercise regularly to improve circulation. Soon enough, you won’t need to conceal any dark circles and you’ll be surprised!

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