Cosmetic Tips for Facial Makeup


When we look for facial makeup, it is certain many times that we lack to give exact glow and finishing to our makeup that we desire. One of the cosmetics used in makeup is cosmetic foundation. These may be in liquid or in powdered form. The intension behind applying these is to make clear, smooth skin texture.

Foundation actually provides a supportive base for rest of your makeup before its applications. Face makeup comes in variety of shades and colors. It lightens medium skin coverage and makes it to glow. Many of us prefer lighter makeup colors in summer whereas darker ones in winter.

Choose a matching color of your skin tone

It is essential to select the best cosmetic foundation that always matches and appear natural to skin. The color should match your skin color and should appear as natural. For the purpose you may also require concealer for skin limitations that is blotches, dark circles under eyes, and type of discolorations.

As foundation provides a base to makeup, it should be applied first before application of any type of other makeup products. However, otherwise it may not mix well and give the desired coloring to skin. This may also not cover blemishes and flaws well thus making them more prominent.

These cosmetic foundations are prepared using different bases. Some may be water based, oil based or others may also be prepared with oil free base for oily skin. These are available in liquid powdered as well as in cream form.

Loose powdered cosmetic foundations

Powder provides a finishing glow to your foundation and makes you appear fresh and glowing. Powder can be used in a simple natural way. But make sure that you do not use too much powder on your face, especially near your eyes that may get accumulated in fine lines and creases near your eyes.

Usually powder based foundation combines the powder and foundation properties together. It allows setting your foundation for longer time, thus giving finer finishing by covering pores making them appear smaller. For this purpose you may take help of concealer that will settle the foundation much better.

In general it has seen that moist products are applied initially followed by other powdered products. When you use powdered foundation, you should prefer concealer first. After which you can easily spread the foundation well all around the eyelids too.

Pressed powdered foundation

Now let us look the effects of pressed cosmetic foundation. This type of foundation usually provides a smoothing finishing to skin. This foundation can very well applied with the help of dry sponge. This type of foundation requires taking right amount of powder. This type of foundation has an advantage of using on any type of skin and can be easily taken as it is pressed and not lose.

Choose shades that are close to your foundation color and use it lightly as it may get accumulated while giving touch ups to your skin.

Liquid foundation

Liquid foundations generally can be applied using sponge and are used well for light to medium coverage. These are available in variety of colors that can be mixed to prepare a matching hade for your skin tone. It is usually light weight and id easily used on dry skin and is also applied using sponge.

In order to prevent the streaky places just use a very little amount of foundation on sponges and give a finishing by brushing over with powder. The powder supports the foundation to remain for long time. Choose the right and perfect foundation for your skin tone. Prefer oil based foundation for dry skin and oil free base for oily skin. You can also apply moisturizer before applying face powder.

Cream foundation

Apply a concealer while applying a cream based foundation. Apply a thick layer of it so that it can cover the blemishes finely.

Do not cover the thicker ones because it will give you artificial look and may spoil your beauty.

Therefore use cosmetic products with special care. Otherwise the products that believe to enhance the beauty may also spoil your natural beauty.


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