Creatively Scary Halloween Make up Ideas 2014


Halloween 2014 is just around the corner; hope you’re all as excited to celebrate it. Considering the love you guys revealed for the Halloween makeup ideas, Halloween nail art and Halloween costumes last year; here’s presenting some of the creatively best scary Halloween makeup ideas for 2014.

Halloween costumes last year
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Doesn’t the spooky spider queen look of Michelle Trachtenburg seem awesome and beautiful? All you need is an arsenal of glitter and eyeliner- not to forget about a steady hand too!

Scary Look
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To get this scary look, take a leaf out of Atlanta De Cadenet book and team a strapless gown with some awesome skull makeup on your face, neck upto your shoulders. You can top with your earrings with skeleton for the extra dressing up points.

Spook-tastic Eye Makeup
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To say the least, this is the scariest of all the Halloween makeup till date. Kelly The “I Spy” eye spider web on your little eye is another fabulous makeup idea for Halloween 2014. Get an inspiration from the spook-tastic eye makeup of Lauren Laverne.

Scary Makeup
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If you wanna get a scary makeup look for Halloween this year, you can take a look at Chloe Moretz who should have considered using water-proof mascara.

Jessica hoop
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Consider the Day Of The Dead face paint by Jessica hoop who carries this makeup awesomely terrifying.

Kim Kardashian
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Some of you take Halloween as an opportunity to get a scary look and here’s Kim Kardashian with great wig.

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It seems that the leopard-print coat of Alison Mosshart took over her body and result is that you seem to get a taste of blood.

Gang Of Girls
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A gang of girls can get this makeup all you need it to take an inspiration from the Little Mix’s pinned-on faces to get that quite tarrying look.

Halloween Halloween Make up
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Guess what do you get when a corpse bride met an Avatar? Take a sneak peak at Michelle Tratchenberg’s scary makeup look!

Scariest Yet Cute Makeup
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If you wish for a scariest yet cute makeup then opt for the look of Pixie Lott. Did you notice some uncanny resemblance to The Cheshire Cat from the Alice In Wonderland?

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To get a creepy kind of makeup for this year’s Halloween, get inspired with Shenae Grimes’ hair rising look.

Green With Envy
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Go green with envy with the alien-inspired Halloween makeup by Lily Allen.


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