Fall Hair Trends: 7 Effortless Cute Hairstyles to Try This Fall Season


Hello Fall! As the season changes, it’s also the perfect time to give your hair a new ‘do! Fall signifies the end of life, but your hair strands shouldn’t be headed down that path.

1. Low, Messy Bun

Low Messy Bun Style

Tie up the upper half top of your hair in a pony, make sure you have most of your hair volume left at the bottom, untied. Use another elastic band to tie up the lower half. Take another elastic band and tie up the bottom pony halfway through that leaves you with a low bun. Stick bobby pins around to tuck loose hair —again, don’t go too perfect, let some of those strands fall. Remove the elastic on the top pony and do another smaller bun right on top of the bigger bun for volume. Stick with bobby pins to keep in place.

2. Twisted Sides: Simply part your hair into two, uneven sides are fine. Work on one side first, twisting the hair from outer to inner, working with small sections from the top of your head. When you reach the bottom, tie with a pony. Do the same for the other side. Tie both together with an elastic band. To hide the elastic, turn your tail in so the pony is reversed. Cover with a scrunchy or, pull up with bobby pins. You can also follow the same styling with only half of your hair up.

3. Reverse French Twist

Reverse French Twist

You can never go wrong with this classic. Start from the top of your head, one side first. Pull then pin to the back of your head. Work in small sections until you reach the bottom. Next work the other side of your head, top to bottom. Each time crossing over the pins on the first side that you work on. When you reach the bottom, tuck the remaining hair up with bobby pins. Accent with a bejeweled hair accessory if you wish to.

4. Styled Up Metallic Hair Bands

Styled Up Metallic Hair Bands

Do either Styles No. 2 or 3 above and accent with a metallic hair band to get this season’s trendiest hair accessory on your crowning glory.

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5. Braid With Leather Band: Braid your locks however way you know, except this time, attach a leather ribbon to one strand. Get that fringe on your hair in a bow with leather hair accessories, also one of this season’s trendiest hairdo accents.

6. Floral Vintage

Floral Vintage Style

Take inspiration from flowers — yes, they’re not just trendy in Spring this season of Fall. Cut your hair drastically uneven. Fine curl your hair, working in small sections using a small iron barrel. Clip the side with the less volume and accent with a large, colorful, floral hair accessory.

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7. Gem Accessories: Fix your hair in tune with this season’s elaborate styling trend. Use large pieces of metal and gemstones to clip in your hair. Tie it and use as plenty as you can get on there because this season, excessive is in fashion.


Keep your locks trendy with these 7 hair styling ideas.

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