3 Accessories to Look Like Daenerys Targaryen in Your Everyday Outfits


Game of Thrones fanatics, listen up! If you like the look of the Queen of Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen, you don’t need to go all-Greek goddess to channel her vibe and aura. There may be an easier, better way to incorporate your love for this fictional character into your regular outfits and special day ensembles without ending up looking like you’re in costume. Who knows, you just might attract your own hunky Khal Drogo.

Here are three ways to accessorize your ordinary clothes to turn you into a goddess Daenerys beauty:

1. Armband Bracelets:

Armband Bracelets

Keep in mind that Daenerys rules dragons and this mythical figure is almost always present in her bracelets, armbands and necklaces. In real life, you can wear Daenerys’ dragons or, not. What’s important is to find a metallic armband bracelet that is either chunky enough or sufficiently ornate to make yourself look like you just stepped out of the set of the Game of Thrones.

How to use it? It’s easy to incorporate this accessory into just about any denim outfit in your closet, for as long as your top is sleeveless or has sleeves that clings to the tip of your shoulders and shows off a large area of skin on your arms. It also goes well with your dresses that have a similar cut.

2. Metallic Chokers:

Metallic Chokers

It can be chunky or not. Go for tribal molds, particularly the ones that have dragons in it. Look as gorgeous as Emilia Clarke when she plays Daenerys on set by getting yourself a minimalist choker to hand on your neck.

How to use it? This piece goes well with any top or one piece dress that opens up your neck, chest and shoulders. It will even look great on collared pieces that have a wide opening on your neck area.

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3. Chunky Metallic Waistband:

3. Chunky Metallic Waistband

Not only is this a great looking piece of embellishment, it is also a perfect way to cinch your waist. When you think about it, Daenerys may have been responsible for the trend that permitted corsets to be worn on top of a dress. However, because of Daenerys’s special stature, a leather corset is not enough — it has to be metallic.

How to use it? This accessory will look fantastic with your low neckline jumpsuit pants. You can freely wear it with any tight fitting jeans and top ensemble as well. Since this piece is so versatile, you can also wear it on almost any dark colored dresses in your closet, including your full length, column evening or special occasion pieces.


If fashion inspiration is what you’re after, you can count on the Game of Thrones. After all, it’s worldwide fame has been clearly influencing what’s been trending in the fashion scene — from the braids, to the makeup, to the brocades and the crisscrossing peepholes on dresses and blouses — you can look up to the series for your dose of fashion explosion.

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