Dazzling Short Hair Styles 2011

Dazzling Short Hair StylesDazzling Short Hair Styles

Short hair styles are becoming more popular as we come into the New Year. With the beginning of a new decade here, there may be a desire to sport a new look, or simply spice up a current style. While reviewing Short Hair Styles 2011, one may find a variety of cuts that will likely spark an interest. Each style provides a unique look for just about any preference for a shorter cut. No need to turn hundreds of pages in countless books to find the right style; Short Hair Styles 2011 makes it easy to find the cut that’s just right.

Short Hair Styles 2011Short Hair Styles 2011
Short Hair Styles 2011Short Hair Styles 2011

From sassy curls to straight bob cuts, Short Hair Styles 2011 features a variety of short hair trends. Short hair styles have been all about attitude and courage in the past and it seems that these new trends are no exception. Short curly cuts as well as more versatile straight cuts can come in the form of pixie cuts or bobs. Each cut accents the face, complimenting the shape of the jaw line, and the length of the neck. They can show off or hide the ears, shade or accent the eyes, or even increase the shapeliness of the neck. Short hair styles are limitless and with some imagination making the desired statement is easy.

Short hair stylesShort hair styles
Short hair stylesShort hair styles

With styles like a pixie cut or a crop cut, bangs make for an ideal accent nearly any style. Bangs provide short hair styles with a little extra class to the cut, accenting the eyes and the brow line. Hair products can help highlight a style by giving it volume and hold throughout even a busy day. Curls can be straightened for a sleeker look or curls can be boosted for fuller locks. Bangs are a compliment to any look for any occasion.

Short hair stylesShort hair styles
Pixie stylesPixie styles

Pixie styles seem to be preferred when going for a more feminine, sexy look. Pixies are relatively universal in their cut. The tousled look tends to create a younger appearance. Softening the style makes the cut universal to any situation, extremely fancy to very casual. Pixie cuts can be highlighted or streaked with color to create a more fun appearance. Short hair trends are an exciting, increasingly popular choice for many women.

layered styleslayered styles
layered styles

Layers can have an eye-catching effect on short hair styles. Rather than a flat cut, layers create a light, playful look. Even more modest cuts can be livened up with layers, providing more volume to the style. In some layered styles, the uneven cuts of the layers create an asymmetric look. No matter what the desired expression, a short hair styles says it all.


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