Fashion Alert: 9 Fabulous Deconstructed Shirt Trend You Need to Copy


Deconstructed shirt are now taking over the fashion world. Just the other day, they were viewed as a street fashion style. Recently, fashion designers and famous personalities have been pairing these shirts with different outfits. You can now look chic or official if you so desire. In 2017, the deconstructed shirt trend has gone top and beyond. More of the trend is expected all through the year. If you haven’t tried this specific 2017 trend, then you are way behind in the latest fashion trend news. Here are some of the new trends that you definitely need to copy or have in your wardrobe this year as showcased in the different fashion galas and events over the year.

1. Denim And a Chic Deconstructed Shirt

Denim And a Chic Deconstructed Shirt

Off shoulder and single shoulder deconstructed shirt trends have taken the fashion trends 2017 with a loud bang. This specific one shoulder shirt has a unique deconstructed wrap style around it all the way to the front. Paired with a chic denim pencil trouser and a suitable matching bag, you are good to go for the day. In addition, it makes it as one of the best deconstruction shirt ideas diy. Furtherore, you can have some flat shoes or desired heels to go with the look.

2. Throw In a Skirt With a Wraparound Deconstructed Shirt

Throw In a Skirt With a Wraparound Deconstructed Shirt

Looking to go out or experience the new deconstructed shirt trend with a bit of elegance and some fun or personality added to it? Try out this specific outfit. The white wraparound deconstructed shirt is one of the most beautiful and elegantly designed deconstructed white shirt. Paired with a beautiful fish shaped skirt with an addition of tinted sunglasses makes it one of the best deconstructed shirt trend 2017.

3. Layered Off Shoulder Deconstructed Shirts With Sunglasses And a Skirt

Layered Off Shoulder Deconstructed Shirts With Sunglasses And a Skirt

This is not only a deconstructed shirting trend, it is also a sophisticated and classic look. The layered deconstructed shirt is an off shoulder giving you the chance to wear your desired piece of necklace. In addition, enjoy the sunglasses and long earrings added to the mix with a colorful skirt of your choice. Pairing these specific deconstructed shirt ideas with heels will result in a magnificent appearance making it a definite look that is worth copying and adding to your wardrobe this year.

4. Layered Off Shoulder Deconstructed Shirts With Sunglasses And a Trouser

Layered Off Shoulder Deconstructed Shirts With Sunglasses And a Trouser

if asking yourself “what is a deconstructed shirt”, then time has definitely passed you by. However, it is not yet too late to learn and be up to date with the deconstructed shirt trend 2017. This specific look says that color is definitely an addition to deconstructed shirts to be maintained and enjoyed. The red rose at the front is a big statement. In addition, a colorful bag accentuates the sides and a black trouser. Do not forget the neon shades on her eyes matching the deconstructed shirt.

5. Deconstructed Shirt Dress

Deconstructed Shirt Dress

There is no need to pair this specific deconstructed shirt dress. This is because it is beautiful on its own and can be worn as a dress. However, understanding how to style a shirt dress is one of the difficult deconstruction shirt ideas diy. Therefore, you need to be extra careful in regards to how you wear or design the new deconstructed shirt to be worn as a dress or on its own. Even with the difficulties associated with deconstructed shirt new look; it is evident that this specific shirt dress is perfect. It has all the fine details and embellishments that adorn it make it perfect for your deconstructed shirt trend 2017.

6. Asymmetrical Deconstructed Shirt With Denim Trousers

Asymmetrical Deconstructed Shirt With Denim Trousers

The deconstructed shirt new look is one of the amazing outfit trends to have graced the runways and street styles today. Paired with sleek denim trousers that are three quarters make the look appear chic. In addition, it is a youthful appearance that many are looking or are in search off. It is a deconstructed shirting trend that many are about to copy or own due to its versatility. In addition, it shows some personality especially if aiming to have fun on the streets as you move from place to place. If looking for attention, then this are the fashiontrends 2017 to follow.

7. Ruffled Front Deconstructed Shirt Trend

Ruffled Front Deconstructed Shirt Trend

This shirt offers one of the best fashion trends 2017. This is because it can be paired to suit a working environment, can be used as a party cloth or designed to fit both situations and events at the same time. The ruffle at the front makes it unique and adds some personality to the deconstructed shirt trend. If paired with a pencil skirt or blue denim trousers, you will have one of best-deconstructed shirt ideas and outfit for the day.

8. Oversized Deconstructed Shirts

Oversized Deconstructed Shirts

Are you adamant on how to style a shirt dress in the right manner and to achieve the desired look? Well, you might need to look for further inspiration if you are to pair an oversized deconstructed shirt. However, there is no need to look so far, why not try what Kim Kardashian does with her oversized tees! With that you are assured of the best-deconstructed shirt trend for the year 2017. In addition, you can pair the oversized deconstructed shirts as desired. The choices are limitless. Your fashion trends 2017 are taking a turn for the better with the deconstructed oversized shirts.

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9. Deconstructed White Shirt

Deconstructed White Shirt

Thinking of redefined elegance and coolness, think of the deconstructed white shirt. It is definitely one of the fashion trends 2017 in waiting or about to come out. In addition, it can be worn as one of the deconstruction shirt ideas DIY at home or for work as desired. Paired with the black trousers make the deconstructed white shirt more alluring and eye catching. It is one of the deconstructed shirt ideas that you should copy this year. Furthermore, pair it as you so desire and make another one of the deconstructed shirt trend 2017.

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