Is Your Diet Aging You? Learn 4 Unhealthy Foods to Avoid!


Have you ever looked at the mirror and wondered when you got so old? If you look a lot older than your age, then you might need to look at your diet. You have to ask yourself a question, is your diet aging you? Aging is a normal process but some people age faster because of the food they eat. An unhealthy diet sends your aging process into overdrive not only making you look older but also damaging the inside of your body.

Quality is King

Your Diet Aging You

According to numerous studies by the Tulane University School of Medicine, eating junk food puts the body into an inflammatory state. Poor-quality foods like trans fats cause inflammation and aging is fundamentally a state of chronic inflammation.

Moreover, sugar and processed carbohydrates results to the production of advanced glycation end products (AGEs). These are connected to many diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and many others. AGEs also damage collagen fibers of the skin which results to premature aging.

The best diet is composed mostly of natural foods like fruits and vegetables. If your answer to the question is your diet aging you is yes, then you need to make changes as soon as possible.

Foods that You Need to Limit

  1. Chips and French Fries.
  2. These are deep-fried in oil and filled with trans fats which contribute to inflammation throughout the body. Trans fats should only be less than 1% of a person’s daily diet according to the American Heart Association.

  3. High Sugar Food:
  4. High sugar consumption is also linked to inflammation and premature aging. Doughnuts and sugary pastries also contain a high amount of trans fats. Also, high sugar consumption leads to type 2 diabetes and obesity

  5. Fatty Red Meat.
  6. A good tip when it comes to eating meat is to keep it very lean. This will minimize saturated fats which are dangerous to your arteries and also one of the main causes of inflammation that leads to premature aging.

  7. Alcohol.

Moderate consumption of some kinds of alcohol can be good for you. However, consume more than 2 servings can help you age prematurely. Also, consuming more than the right amount can lead to diseases such as liver disease and certain types of cancer.

You know, you have a choice to stop premature aging by shifting to a healthy diet and some beauty tips. Avoid junks and processed food and replace these with natural foods.