Different Blood Groups Diet


The creators of the blood type diet have stated that a person’s blood type is a good indicator of how his or her body absorbs nutrients. This means that you may be able to digest certain foods more readily if you have a certain blood type. Knowing your blood type can help you reach your goal weight easier and have more energy. It seems as though different blood types have different nutritional needs.

Cheryl ColeCheryl Cole

Diet for People with Blood Type AB

This plan combines some of the elements of the type A and Type B diet People with this blood type should eat mostly vegetables, some meats and eat dairy products and fatty foods sparingly. Relaxing and high-intensity workouts work well for people who have this blood type.

We do not know whether Cheryl Cole follows the right diet for her blood type. However, we do know that she is excellent shape, so she must be doing something right.
Cheryl’s intense dance routines are what help keep her in shape. You do not have to exercise as intensely as she does, but you can find a regime that works well for you.

Diet for People with Type O Blood

This is considered to be the oldest blood type. During ancient times, people would have to hunt and gather food to survive. As a result, people who have this blood type should eat less carbohydrates and more protein if they want to lose weight.
This diet encourages the consumption of meat and fish, but it also recommends limiting rice, pasta, grains and dairy. People should also make sure that they consume moderate amounts of nuts, fruits and vegetables so that they can get the best results. Our ancestors with this blood type were very fit because they engaged in regular physical activity. For that reason, people with this blood type should also engage in high-intensity cardio on a regular basis.

Diet for People with Type A Blood

Our ancestors that had this blood type consumed plenty of vegetables, fruits and decreased their meat consumption. Just like blood type O, people who have type a blood should not consume too many dairy products. People who have this blood type should also eat plenty of nuts, legumes, vegetables and fruits. They should also engage in light-intensity exercise such as golf, yoga and tai chi.

Diet for People with Type B Blood

People with this blood type are considered to be very lucky because they have the fewest dietary restrictions put on them. Those who have this blood type can eat foods from each group in balance and moderation.
People who want to lose weight can do so by maintaining a varied diet and engaging in moderate-intensity activities such as swimming, hiking, dancing and playing a sport.
Fruits and Vegetables


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