7 Things Can Happen to You When You Use Dirty Makeup Brushes


Can you imagine the world without very beautiful people? Suppose all of us were like vampires? I know you are trying to figure out the impossibility of that statement but there is a possibility of making ourselves look like them. Vampire is believed to be a very ugly creature that we can easily take its form when we treat our skins carelessly. This can happen through very many ways such us using very complicated chemicals without knowing their effects, using dirty materials like makeup brushes and towels and poor general skin cleanness. To reduce the myopic nature that we have the following are the negative impacts of using dirty makeup brushes;

1. Damaging of Makeup

While most of us are so sensitive when it comes to economizing things, dirty makeup brushes can really drag you behind when it comes to economy. Inserting a dirty makeup brush on you fresh makeup can completely contaminate it. Of course you may not realize that it is contaminated when you are just using but the problem is that you discover when the repercussions of bacterial infections are right on your face. This results to a double tragedy since you will have to throw away the makeup at the same time your face will be damaged. Save your money for a better use rather than spending it on mishandled makeup.

2. Bacterial Infection

Most of us are very slow and ignorant when it comes to the changing or even cleaning the makeup tools. Continuous use of makeup brushes leads to accumulation of dirt and the dead skin cells. These will in turn be a source of bacteria which will cause infection on the face. Most of us blame the makeup when they get infection but in most cases it is the improper hygiene practices that we adopt. In as much as we say we love ourselves, I think the intensity should be increased by preventing infection through cleanness. One of such victims is an Australian woman who got infected with staph. Sharing of makeup brushes is not also very hygienic.

Bacterial Infection

3. Poor Appearance After Makeup

Our main aim of using makeup is to get appealing results after the application that is very improved from the previous. However, sometimes the vice versa happens and in most cases, we discover it when our friends comment”you look different” or “you look better your other makeup”. That isn’t just a comment; it is a message being passed to you by your friends that the makeup doesn’t look good in you. What is even more confusing is that you might have used the same makeup that you used when they told you” you look amazing”. All this may have resulted from you using a makeup brush on varieties makeup of contrasting colors hence mixing of colors producing undefined color. To avoid such embarrassing situation, if you must use one brush on your different makeup make sure you clean after every application or to reduce that tiresome work find a brush for each makeup and ensure cleaning after use.

4. Irritation on the Skin

Obviously when you use dirty brushes you may get fungal, bacterial and any other infections depending on the pathogens found on the brush. This may lead to irritations which when scratched can lead to appearance of rashes. More makeup is required to make such a skin even which may lead you to incurring more expenses than on normal cases. Irritation may also cause discomfort which is not anyone’s cup of tea.

5. Destruction of Beautiful Eyelashes

Destruction of Beautiful Eyelashes

Sometimes the brushes that you use to curl your eyelashes may contain sticky mascara from the previous makeup. This can result to clumping together of eyelashes which in the process of trying to curl may unplug them from their position. Can you imagine somebody without eyelashes? I believe you can see that picture. You can be like that if you use dirty brushes.

6. Occurrence of Acne

Most people struggle very much to ensure that acne never occurs on their faces and even take remedies for them. In most cases it is as a result of hormonal changes but there is the one that results from micro-organisms. Some people are very lucky that once they are past the puberty stages they no longer experience but you can throw away this luck by using dirty makeup brushes. That is why most precautions one is given to overcome acne is majorly cleanness.

7. Increase Chances of Getting Wrinkles

Use of dirty brushes can lead to oxidation of free radicals which damage the elastin resulting to shrinking of the face at a very young age. I know most of us will be pushed by this to cleanness because given a chance we would live forever young evident by the music sang by our musicians.


We all love ourselves despite the low self esteem that some people might be having. In most institution the students are taught on how to improve their self esteem and one of the main ways is to look presentable and descent, something that can be greatly contributed by proper maintenance of our skin. Let us therefore be responsible and avoid habits such as using dirty makeup brushes, sharing makeup brushes and maintain general body cleanness to be able to prevent the hazards elaborated above, and live with no esteem issues.


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