Disney Princesses Victoria’s Secret Angels 2015


Recently Disney princess success in turning fairy tales into child adventures has become part of our society. Each princess name has its origin and own meaning that reveals a lot about their characters. Initially these princesses were named with certain clear image in mind. Some of the names in the origin of Disney princesses include Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Megara, Mulan, Ana and Moana among others. These names are accompanied by their meanings and their origin. Currently, a Disney princesses Victoria’s secret angel is the most trending topic globally. This has been made possible by making a comparison between original Disney princesses and the Victoria’s secret models. Online bloggers are playing an integral role in uploading pictures that resemble the original Disney princesses. The show involves 47 models wearing bras, panties and silk, buttock skimming gowns.

Victoria’s Secret Angels 2015

Comparison of original Disney princesses and the Victoria’s secret angels was done this year when Victoria’s models took to the runway during the annual Victoria’s secret fashion show. According to Bryony Gordon, behind the scenes at Victoria’s secret 2015 involved a pink room full of supermodels, lily Donaldson’s six inch snow booties and fireworks fantasy bra. As the Victoria’s secret fashion show models went down the runway they were compared to Disney’s princesses. Of course this comparison provided almost a 100 percent resemblance of the models in pictures. The top 10 Disney princesses who were established to look resemble Victoria’s Secret fashion show models are as follows. Tiana as who resembles Behati Prinsloo, Ariel as Karlie, Jasmine as Lily Aldridge, Cinderella as Izabel Goulart, Belle as Candice Swanepoel, Sleeping Beauty as Jourdan Dunn, Anna and Else as Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio, Mulan as Lindsay Ellingson, Pocahontas as Joan Smalls and Snow White as Doutzen Kroes. Online pictures show exact and distinct comparison of the models with Disney princesses.

Victorias Secret Angels 2015

Social media users have identified Alpine Angel as the most striking model in the Victoria’s secret fashion show. The Alpine Angel role was played by Lily Donaldson a British supermodel, she wore a white lacy bra and knickers, around her was snowflakes that seem to be falling and Christmas trees that are were dangling from the ceiling. In addition, she wore six-inch heeled snow booties that revealed her elegance. Another outstanding Disney princess was Belle played by Candice Swanepoel. She wore a glittering body stocking that had been slashed to the naval revealing a snow white bra and an ample décolletage draped in diamonds.

A close look at Disney princesses Victoria’s secret models 2015 may tempt one to have pervert thoughts but they just take a keen look at the models pictures. Clearly they resemble Disney princesses and they are quite fabulous. The pictures of the models seem to be tiny but their clothes are distinct and have a striking effect. These models are just meticulous and their details tell the whole Disney princesses story. For example, take a close look at the shoes, the roses, hourglass, Ariel, Belle, and Jasmine heels, all these portrays the exact Disney look. Google these pictures and get a glimpse of the Disney’s princesses Victoria’s secret angels 2015. I just can’t stop admiring these meticulous pictures of the models as they walk down the runway.

As expected Disney princesses Victoria’s show could not escape some criticism from the social media. These critics argue that the show is based on certain objectives and many view it as just an exercise. The critics have heavily been refuted by the company’s chief marketing officer who claims that the company’s customer base is fully women and those women need to be able to relate to the Victoria’s secret models.


Disney princesses

The models in the Victoria’s secret angels include Adriana Lima, Allessandria Ambrosia and Gigi Hadid. To maintain a Disney princess’s look, these models have spend their whole day in making the hair and wearing make-up. Fans are spending huge amounts of money to attend this show in order to have a close view of these dazzling and fabulous Victoria’s secret angels. During the after party of the 2015’s show the models exchanged their lingerie and crop tops revealing their elegance. The models also wore endless thigh high boots, light up wings and fireworks attached to the model’s bra. Several online pictures show a clear evidence of what went down during the after party with the likes of model Kendall Jenner and Selene Gomez in attendance.


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