Do Mendes Beauty Products, Get Tips and Tricks for a Beautiful Look?


Mendes is a huge architecture and design lover. Despite her interest in make up, she has a very low-maintenance routine. She doesn’t like to spend a lot of time getting ready. That’s why she has this collection of products that do not take much time to apply. Mendes says she can do her makeup in five minutes and she is decent and ready enough to face the world.

These are some of her must-have products, and personal tips and tricks.

Concealer To Look Rested

Mendes says as a new mom, she is leaning heavily towards their concealer. Their illuminating concealer has a little brush and you can apply it where you want easily. Mendes adds that this is her live saver these days.

Cream Blush For A Sunkissed Look

The cream blush in Portofino is just unbelievable. It is luxurious and is great for layering. About the blush, Mendes says application is as important as the product you use. Her makeup artist said it is better for her face shape to apply blush across the face and even over the nose. Mendes says if you do it across it will break up your face and give you fuller cheeks making it look more natural and cohesive.

Defined Brows To Frame Your Face

Mendes is honest to say she’s not tried their brow pencil because she likes to put shadow in her brows. “Finishing the brow is such an easy place to go wrong” she says. “I can’t use a little mirror and do my own brows, because I will Frida Kahlo it completely, and be like ‘what did I do!'” she adds. But that doesn’t mean you can’t try it out.

Illuminator For Plumped-Up Lips

Illuminator for plumped-up lips creates a little bit of definition and it’s great when you want to take a photo. It gives you a stunning appearance.

Lip Butter For A Low-Commitment Look

This product is so moisturizing and you can choose a color that marches your taste. It is almost like a tinted moisturizer for your lips. It’s really sheer and amazing.

Primer For A Stay-put Face

This is great when you have those long days and you need your makeup to last. It is easy to apply and is “weightless”. Makeup doesn’t look attractive when they “wear out” during the course of the day, that’s why this product is important as it helps to maintain the makeup for a long time making it look as if it has just been freshly applied.

Eye Crayon As Liner

This product is great because you can use it as a liner and you can smudge it in and you could also use it as a shadow. Mendes says that in order to open her eye, most of the time she lines the eye and leave the corners open. She just stops short if she’s looking tired.

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