Do you want to know 9 Reasons why he’s just not that into you


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The powerful saying, “He is not that into you” has become popular for the past decade thanks to this line being mentioned in the Sex and the City and eventually developed into a book and then a movie. Why is there a lot of hype around such an obvious and simple statement? The main reason is, a lot of women still do not completely get it.

Ladies, prior to you pining over pseudo calls as well as missed dates, do consider these helpful tips from Phil Torcivia. He is a bachelor who has been divorced. He is also the author of the hilarious Nice Guy. He has important things to say on why he is not returning any affection you give out.

Do not fret. It is more his problem and not yours. Surely, there are a lot of men who are definitely magnetized by you and do not mind that you keep the remote for yourself, you receive text messages in ungodly hours and pass gas during sleep. Essentially, we have small quirks. The important thing is to avoid jerks and find one who accepts your idiosyncrasies. If this is quite difficult, do search for a good therapist from winnipeg. Do check if one of the reasons below applies to your case.

  • He was not really into you.
  • All he wanted was to hook up, nothing else. You can focus on improving your self and pay less, if not zero attention, to what he did not do.
  • He found someone he is into more.
  • This usually happens. Maybe he has a co-worker he is pining for and he decided to pursue her.
  • He is tired of going to church with you.
  • He may also be tired of going to malls or family reunions or baby showers with people he does not really know, except you.
  • He is frightened by your family members.
  • Maybe he is beginning to see how you and your mother are alike.
  • He does not deserve you.

If he cannot accept these minor flaws, he clearly does not deserve you. Do not change yourself just to please or keep him. This does not work, this hurts you more than it hurts anyone and it is a recipe for unhappiness. Please yourself and feel your deservedness. The instance you feel you do not need someone else to complete you is the ripe time for the man you deserve to come into your life.

Love and Relationships


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