Does Baby Shampoo Work as an Eye Makeup Remover


Never hit the sheets with your makeup on! In fact, there’s no reason why you should, and likewise no reason why you shouldn’t take off even the most stubborn makeup even when you don’t have makeup remover within reach – uh-huh. Say what?

Long before water based and oil based makeup removers began to be formulated and sold, makeup had been a staple in every lady’s daily pampering routine. How do you think women took off stubborn makeup back then? They were very resourceful for sure, you can bet on it! We will revisit their ingenuity but first, not so very far back, baby shampoo became a popular makeup remover.

Using Baby Shampoo to Remove Makeup

Skin around your eyes are very delicate that the last thing you want to do is to rub off makeup hard and violently. Such action will certainly leave the thin skin around your eyes, the thinnest compared to any other part of your body in fact, creased, wrinkled and permanently damaged. Be kind to your skin, and not to mention your eyelashes, by using eye makeup removers or other home products easily accessible to you to aid you in loosening up your makeup so you won’t have to rub it off so hard and still leave makeup residues that seep into your skin and cause even more damage.

Elsewhere on your face, your main objective is to get all makeup out and leave your skin squeaky clean so that it can breathe. This prevents your pores from getting clogged and infected, eventually making you grow unsightly and sometimes even sore and painful pimples, acne, whiteheads and blackheads.

Baby Products

No tears. No harmful ingredients. Mild and gentle. These were the promise of baby shampoos. The first and most popular of which up to this date, Johnson’s Baby Shampoo, was first launched in 1953. Our good old moms and grandmas and aunts and great grandmothers have known for ages that skin needs to be thoroughly cleansed before bedtime. They were just as vain as we are now today, doing everything they can to preserve their youth and keep wrinkles and fine lines off. So, they thought, ‘perhaps baby shampoo is how I can take off stubborn makeup!’ And, when the theory was put to practice Voila! Baby shampoo became unsurprisingly popular among women as it became every woman’s go-to makeup remover.

Of course, baby oil was also a popular choice. However, unlike the grease and oil which baby oil leaves behind, using baby shampoos as makeup remover does not leave skin feeling sticky from gunk. Baby shampoo in fact left the skin feeling refreshed and able to breathe. Smarter women used the baby oil and the baby shampoo in combination – using the baby oil to loosen up waterproof and stubborn makeup, then following through with baby shampoo to take off the greasy feel of oil and leave skin feeling light and clear.

So how do you make a makeup remover out of your baby’s shampoo? Easy. Don’t make the wrong move of putting a drop or two of the shampoo directly onto your cotton. Get an empty bottle of cosmetic. Make sure the container is clean and dry. Add a few drops of baby shampoo. Get some water in to dilute. Cover with the lid and give it a gentle shake. You may now take your cotton and put on some. Wipe away makeup gently while enjoying the thought that you didn’t have to pay another $5 to $50 or more for a bottle of makeup remover! Easy hack that’s easy on your pocket! The other good news is, you have enough of it left for use for the rest of the week!

Other ways to remove make up using natural and everyday products

You can certainly improvise eye makeup remover using other readily available products at home.

  • Petroleum Jelly: If you have a baby, you most probably will be keeping a jar of petroleum jelly. Take some. Rub shallowly on your face. Take your cotton and wipe off makeup gently.
  • Natural / essential oils like sunflower oil and virgin coconut oil: If you’re uberly conscious of the petro-based product, you probably will have an alternative emollient to help prevent diaper rash like all natural coconut oil. If you want much less grease, try almond oil. This is especially preferred if you have oily skin.
  • Baby lotion: Yes! Another baby product favorite! The beauty of using baby lotion over ordinary beauty creams is that it won’t hurt your eyes, just like a baby shampoo wouldn’t. You may even substitute baby lotion for moisturizer if you suddenly feel your skin all dried up and your moisturizer is out of reach.


Ingenuity can save you your hard earned bucks and still get the results you want. Keep in mind that many cosmetics, and haircare and skincare products can be used interchangeably, it’s just that manufacturers have converted us to thinking there’s one specific product for every possible need ‘they’ can imagine. Just make it a habit to check the labels to discern if you can substitute one product for another need.


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