Does Your Relationship Pass The Test?


relationship test

Love and dating is a roller-coaster ride. Here are 4 relationship tests designed to see if you and your partner are compatible. If you can pass these tests then you can be sure that you are both in it for the long haul.

The Road Trip

A long road trip with your loved one may sound great, but these trips have the ability to put a strain on even the strongest of relationships. You are stuck in a confined space waiting to get to where you are going. Can you navigate to your destination? What happens if you get lost? What music will you listen to? Little things can build up and really start to become annoying. This is going to test your conflict resolution skills, ability to share quiet, and how tolerant you are of each other.

20 Questions

You don’t have to agree on everything but if your relationship is going to last then you need to have shared values and compatible viewpoints. To complete this relationship test each of you will need to write down 10 questions to ask the other. The questions should be about morality, (do you agree with spanking children if they misbehave?), values (is cheating on your partner once grounds to end the relationship?), and your future (would you live in another state or country?). When you have each written down 10 questions, take turns to as each other a question. It’s important to answer honestly and you will both know each other much better by the end of the test. This will test honesty, adaptability, and your knowledge of your partner.

Las Vegas Trip

“Whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” is the city’s tagline. A scary prospect if your loved one is visiting Sin City for the weekend given its reputation for excessive partying. So to complete this relationship test you are both going to take a girls-only or guys-only trip to Las Vegas. And for the duration of the trip there are no check-ins allowed. This test is all about trust, both being trusted and feeling that you are trusted by your partner. It will also fidelity, and your ability to make good decisions, especially relating to drinking and spending money.

No Sex For 30 Days

That’s right, NO SEX for 30 days! If anything is going test your relationship it is this. By avoiding sex for 30 days you will find out if you have a real relationship based on love and compatibility or just another one of those sex relationships. So take sex off the menu for 30 days and see how you treat one another. Do you find it an enriching experience where you each get to know each other better or do the wheels come off? This will test your emotional communication, you will be able to develop ‘me time’ and ‘we time’, and you will be able to observe each other and really get to know one another.

relationship test