Don’t Let Menopause Cause a Divorce! 3 Ways How to Deal with It


What is Menopause and What Will It Do to Me?

Is Menopause casue divorce

A lot of women have heard what menopause is. Usually it means no more monthly period. But medically speaking, it means so much more. Women who experience this, usually at 50 years of age, experience hot flashes, depression, irritability, memory lapses, mood swings, body and joint pains, anxiety, feeling of doom and a lot more.

Obviously, these cause a sudden change in a woman’s body. What is hard though is adjusting to these new feelings. But it gets tougher when the person who is supposed to stand by you through all these changes has a hard time adapting to it. Well ladies, don’t let menopause cause a divorce. Here are some ways to prevent a divorce:

  1. Research
  2. Don’t let menopause cause a divorce just because you didn’t know what you had. It is important that you know what you have. Menopause creates a monster if not dealt with properly. There are a lot of books and sites that offer more than enough information on what menopause is and how to deal with it properly. It is essential to know ahead of time what you will experience and how you should live with the changes that menopause will cause you. Knowing the proper treatment to this situation will help you get through it without the need for divorce.

  3. Let Your Partner Know
  4. Don’t let menopause cause a divorce. Let your partner know. While it is important that you know what you have, it is equally important to let your spouse know as well. Research together. This way, when it gets tough for you, you will have someone who knows what you are going through. Your spouse might not only know exactly how you feel, but he will also understand that you are having a tough time and will try to help ease your pain and burdens. Maybe a little back rub here and there, or an assurance that you will be just fine will help a lot.

    Also, when menopause comes, it means less sex. Yes, study shows that this is one of the biggest reasons that couples divorce through the course of menopause. But when your partner knows that having menopause means having dry vagina, therefore making sex hurt, then he will understand that the absence of sex is not about him, but about how you feel physically.

  5. Love Yourself!
  6. It will be hard to get through menopause if you don’t love yourself. And it will be hard for your spouse to love you during your menopausal stage when you don’t love yourself. Stay out of bed. Exercise. Make yourself feel beautiful. Get help when needed. A trick is to look in the mirror and tell yourself that you are beautiful even when you don’t feel like it. There are a lot of things you can do about menopause so don’t let menopause cause a divorce when you can help it. Start helping yourself and start loving yourself before others, specially your spouse, can help you.

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