Do Not Let Menopause Affect Your Sex Life


While there is no denying that the brain is truly your primary sex organ, when you get into menopause, you may notice that you just aren’t interested any more or are having difficulty with lubrication or even enjoyment. Women who have been having a great sex life for years are suddenly halted in their tracks, and this can bring a happy relationship to a screeching halt as well. If you are experiencing sexual difficulty while you’re going through menopause, relax. This is a common issue that can be helped.

Do Not Let Menopause Affect Your Sex Life

Estrogen is one of the primary hormones that is decreased dramatically during menopause. This also just happens to be the hormone responsible for vaginal lubrication, vaginal elasticity, and arousal. It can be very distressing to both partners to have these issues, but a very good quality lubricating product can help treat the lack of lubrication as well as the elasticity of the vaginal walls. In addition, some estrogen creams or menopause relief supplements can be used in the vagina to help with dryness as well.

The studies that have covered this issue seem to draw the conclusion that communication with the partner is usually the very best way to prevent menopause from affecting your sex life. It is crucial that you can both feel comfortable trying new methods to accommodate the issue. The comfort will help alleviate any anxiety that you may feel and this relaxation in and of itself can sometimes help remove the problems. Therapy can help couples work through this time without the stress and can help you develop a brand new sex life even with an old partner. Menopause relief supplements that replace estrogen can help stimulate the body, but you still need to work with your partner to stimulate your mind as well.

When you are trying to work through menopause, you shouldn’t have to do it alone. Some partners may not feel comfortable talking to you about your issues, so you can also get therapy and even sexual counseling if your problems are becoming burdensome. Remember that good menopause relief supplements can help replace those flagging estrogen issues, but always visit with your doctor before taking any new medications. In the meantime, eat a balanced diet, get plenty of rest and exercise and continue to talk to your partner and try new ways to have fun together in and out of bed. Menopause is only the end of your sex life if you let it be.

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