Dos & Don’ts of Makeup for Every Type of Light That You Must Know


Imagine hitting the streets and on staring at window glasses you realize that all your makeup is gone despite having spent several minutes applying it in the morning! It can be somehow embarrassing but the difference you will notice has nothing to do with your makeup stay color, but the lighting. However, there appears to be no definitive rules when it comes to makeup application for different types of light. If you doubt, ask the makeup artists or reputable photographers and they will tell you that it has nothing to do with wearing more or less. Let’s have a look at some simple makeup tips for every type of light:

Apply Makeup in Natural Light

If you apply makeup under an artificial source of light, it can look totally different when you step out of your house into the open. This is because bulb hues can influence the kind of makeup you are supposed to apply. For instance, cool florescent white light sources can make your makeup look harsh while overly bright white can look unflattering. These two can prompt you to overdo it on either the blush or bronzer to compensate for faded color on your face.

Pick an Appropriate Light Bulb

Pick an Appropriate Make up

The most appropriate light bulb to apply makeup is warm white, which according to Katie Anderson should be 3200 kelvin. Bathrooms that are lit in yellow bulbs often create a sallow skin appearance that can make your face look tired and prompt you to use a lot of powder or reach for a tinted primer to neutralize the wrong color. On the other hand, rosy bulbs can make your complexion look healthier and vibrant, such that you might end up skipping the concealer because your skin looks very nice in the mirror. If you fail to deploy the right makeup techniques, you might realize that you missed a spot once you go in natural daylight.

Use a Lighted Makeup Mirror

Gone are the days when big boxy makeup lights were used to give daylight settings. With the discovery of LED lighting, you can find lighted makeup mirrors that have much better color-rendering indexes with a spectrum that is similar to sunlight. It is thus advisable to follow makeup guide that recommends the use of a portable lighted mirror if you are limited in space. They are often cordless and the LED light won’t burn out for a couple of years.

Only Reapply When Necessary

Make up Reapply

You don’t have to reapply your makeup after the reflections on street mirrors and windows prompt you to think that it is worn out. Selecting high quality brands that stay for longer hours is also a simple makeup trick to ensure that you look at your best for the better part of the day. Reapply your makeup after every 3 to 4 hours, although some have stronger staying powers and can remain intact for the entire day.

Avoid Recessed Down Lighting

Avoiding recessed down lighting is one of the best makeup tips and tricks you should always observe. Holding a flashlight over the top of your head can trigger pigmentation, wrinkles and shadows under your eyes. Thus, the next time you stare at an elevator mirror and find that your face doesn’t look the way it should, relax and attribute the your new look to the lighting. You still have the same youthful look if you followed the right makeup ticks and tips in the morning.

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Bring Your Own Lighting When Makeup Shopping

It might sound crazy, but failure to bring your own lighting when buying makeup products can make you take the wrong items home. Most stores have halogen lighting mirrors that produce colors that are totally different from the natural light. It is thus recommendable to shop during the day or take a hand mirror with you. Try a few makeup shades and go outside to take a look in natural light before you make the final decision about what to buy.

Follow Makeup Instructions Carefully

Apart from applying using the appropriate makeup techniques, it is also very important to follow makeup guide as directed in the manufacturer’s manual. Failure to observe such simple makeup tips and tricks can produce a totally different outcome from what you should expect in a product.

Timing is Essential

Timing is also one of the best makeup tips and tricks you should have at your fingertips. Given that the bright midday light strongly reflects against your skin, it is recommendable to keep your makeup light and low maintenance, with the help of a tinted moisturizer and soft mascara rather than using full-coverage foundation and contouring. This will prevent the effect from coming off as exaggerated when you are exposed to the clear harsh light.

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There are plenty dos and don’ts when it comes to makeup application to suite every type of light. All you are supposed to do is follow your makeup guide, application technique instructions and learn to use simple tips and tricks to enhance your overall appearance. Never feel embarrassed in case an artificial source of light doesn’t bring the best of you when you stare in the mirror. Judge your looks only when you are exposed to natural light of the day.


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