Dressing Up to Fit Your Body Type: Look Good in All the Clothes You Own


People come in different sizes and shapes, so how do you get clothes that are gratifying your precise body type?The key is to understand your proportionsand make use of fashion to highlight your best features while hiding everything else. The following are some of the tips that will help you dress according to your body type.

1. Determine the Shape of your Body

Pay close attention to your curves. Look at how the waist, hips, and bust connect. Mostly, the body type is determined after puberty, after the growth of hips and busts become evident. Measure the size of each of these three elements in inches. Depending on the scale of each, you can choose the cloth that will fit you properly. Each body type has its advantage and disadvantages, understanding your body type enables you to dress to your best.

2. Dress for the Pear Body Type

Dress for the Pear Body Type

This is the opposite of the apple body type. Here, the ladies have hips that are larger than the busts. The trick while dressing for this body type is to ensure that you wear something adding to your bust or shoulder area. Minimize attention on the lower body and keep thefocus on the upper part.

As a pear body type, wear tops accentuating your shoulders most. Tights and pants that narrow your legs should be a no go zone area. Consider wearing a bra that enhances your bust. When wearing heels, wear them with slightly flared pants. Havingbroadening pants may make your legs appear thick and at times bowl-legged about your upper body.

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3. Dress for Rectangular or Straight Body Type

Most people with this body type tend to have similar hips and waists. The body can be thin;long and tends to have no curves. The aim of dressing in this body type is to flatten the thin profile, break up your silhouette and make curves that move either up or down from the waist.

With this body type, pinch in the waistline to exaggerate curves. This may include adorning a belt. Go for frills and ruffles to add volume, texture and femininity to the entire figure.Do not wear any menswear like sagged jeans as this will make you look boyish.

4. Dress the Apple Body Type

Dress the Apple Body Type

Apple body type is characterized with a bust that is at least three inches larger than the hips. You can tell whether you have this body type by looking at yourself in the mirror.

To wear appropriate clothing for thus body type, direct attention away from the midriff and wear clothes that accentuate other parts. Follow the bodyline and keep details on top and the lower third of your body. With this type, wear blouses, shirts or dresses that have a slight V-neck but which are not extra fancy at the top.

Drift attention from your waist, arms and shoulders by wearing long sleeves. Focus that attention on the neck and the bust by adorning V-necks. To stray attention from your midriff, wear skinny pants just below your hipbone.

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Body types are not defined clearly. In most cases, it is possible to be slightly in between two categories. If such a scenario happens, incorporate tips for each of them, and select that which looks good on you.


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