5 Must have Dresses for Your Wardrobe


There is no lady’s wardrobe which is complete without a dress. Additionally, there are certain types of dresses that every woman should own. Dresses are ideal for moments some of which you may never even realize. There may be a special event or a party that you may be required to attend and may require a right dress. For such reasons and more, there is specific type of dresses which every woman should have in her wardrobe.

1. Little black Dress LBD

Little black Dress LBD

The LBD should not only be sexy but also sophisticated. It must be well designed and fit like a glove. The LBD should hide all your flaws and at the same time highlight your attributes. You should be able to wear it in the office with a blazer or a cardigan and a pair of leather pumps. Additionally, you should be able to wear it at night with a set of jewelry and make-up.

When selecting an LBD, select one that is in a style that fits you, looks more like you and makes you feel relaxed. The dress can have cap sleeves, sleeveless or have three quarter length sleeves.

2. Casual White Dress

Apart from being around for a while, having a white dress in your closet is highly advisable. A casual white dress can be won when going to the beach and also when taking summer photos. Additionally, a casual white dress can be won when you are feeling like dressing down or up at the same time. There are several new styles which have been released. Some of these dresses feature sexy knee lines and embroidered laces.

3. The Perfect Interview Dress

The Perfect Interview Dress

When attending a job interview, especially an elite or corporate job type, it is advisable to have a dress that is above what you may wear on a normal day at the office. Always ensure that you have a dress on standby for such an occasion. The perfect interview dress should not only be up to date but also should be conservative. Additionally, the dress should not show too much cleavage or skin and should not hit right above the knee.

It is important to note that, you can be stylish without showing so much skin. There several stylish options which are available for this type of purpose.

4. Perfect Date Dress

For many ladies, the perfect date dress is usually one of their favorite dresses. As a lady, you should always have a perfect dress in your closet for a special occasion or date night like a movie or dinner. The dress needs to be something that you feel absolutely stunning in, should be extremely comfortable and should complement the tone of your skin. The date dress does not have to be expensive and it should be worn with either flats or heels, so that you will always be prepared for different type of dates or date atmospheres.

5. The Wedding Guest Dress

The Wedding Guest Dress

Each lady must have a dress on standby for weddings. You never know, you may end up meeting someone special there and at the very least, you need to dress up a little bit for the bride’s big day. An ideal wedding dress, is basically essential to wear for a marriage ceremony party, thus find one that will not only make you feel great but also fits well.

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With that said, for any dress to be considered to be a wardrobe essential, it must have the following key attributes: The dress must be versatile since they have to go with another piece of clothing or jewelry. Additionally, the dress has to be of exceptional quality. Anyone looking at the dress, has to note that it is top shelf; the dress should make a statement.

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