9 Tips to Treat Dry Skin Around Fingernails For Beautiful Hands


Your hands are the most used part of your body. Because of this, they are also exposed to most irritating and harsh substances or conditions, which can lead to dry skin around fingernails.

Aside from being unsightly, rough and scraggly fingertips and cuticles can also let in harmful bacteria. To prevent this, take care of your hands by following the tips in the sections that follow. If you’re anything like me who is already tired of the skin around my fingernails always peeling, these tips will be very helpful.

Dry Skin around Fingernails

Dry Skin Around Nails

Whether you’re sitting down while using your phone, typing on your laptop, scrubbing the floor, or washing dishes, you are subjecting your hands to a war without any form of shield.

We usually take our hands for granted and before we even know it, the skin there could already be suffering from extreme dryness, roughness, peeling, or becoming scaly. Painful or not, this is usually a warning sign to start taking care of your hands, which in my opinion should be a common thing given the amount of work you do with them.

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What Causes This Finger Nail Skin Conditions

Dry skin around the fingernails is caused by many various reasons. These include:

  • Washing your hands too often, which strips moisture off of it, especially when you wash with harsh soaps.
    Washing Your Hands Often Can Lead To Dry Skin Around Nails
  • Allergic reactions, the main cause of dry skin around nails, can be triggered by nail polish, soaps, solvent irritants, latex, detergents, nickel, and other substances or elements.
  • Bad habits such as picking at your cuticles, ripping off dead skin and hangnails, or biting your fingernails can also damage your skin. The damage from these actions can even cause skin infections.
    Picking Your Cuticles Can Cause Dry Skin Around Nails
  • Nutrient, mineral, and vitamin deficiency can also cause the peeling of your skin. Minerals like calcium cause flaking of the skin and broken skin around nails deficiency.
  • Skin diseases like eczema, dyshidrosis, psoriasis, and others can also cause the calloused skin around fingernails.
    Calloused Skin Around Fingernails
  • Atopic dermatitis or eczema causes dry, itchy skin and inflammation.
  • Psoriasis can affect the life cycle and turnover of skin cells, leading to a buildup of dead cells on the skin surface. This forms thick, silvery scales and painful red patches.
  • Dyshidrosis, pompholyx or dyshidrotic eczema is a less common condition where small fluid-filled blisters appear on the side of the fingers and the palms.
  • Chronic infection due to cracked nails and moisture that breeds bacteria or fungi like yeast are also major contributors to the cracked and thick skin around fingernails.

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9 Tips to Treat Dry Skin Around Fingernails

Based on the different causes and underlying conditions, there are also many available nail care tips and tricks. Some dry skin around nails treatment methods include:

1. If you think skin peeling around fingertips and your nails are due to an allergic reaction, try to avoid suspected and known allergens for at least three weeks or so to allow your skin to heal and notice some improvement.

2. Stopping and letting go of bad habits is also another step in finger skin care. Not only do these damage your skin but also give people around you a negative impression about yourself. Once you stopped picking at or biting your nails, they will have time to heal, and it will be easier to nurse your skin back to health.

Biting Your Nails Can Lead To Dry Skin Around Fingernails

3. If you think your lack or deficiency of minerals is causing your skin condition, switch to a healthier and balanced diet consisting of vegetables, dietary fiber, fruits, healthy fats, and sufficient protein, carbohydrates, and vitamins for dry skin.

4.Whether or not you think your skin disease is serious, I recommend to visit or call your doctor immediately. This way, the actual condition can be properly diagnosed, and the right course of treatment can be applied. When it clears up, your nails and the skin around them will be just like new.

Treat You Nails To Avoid Dry Skin Around Fingernails

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5. To prevent skin infections on your hands and fingers, Make sure to clean and dry them thoroughly. This will prevent bacterial and fungal infections. If you suspect of any infection, you will have to take antibiotics.

If the symptoms of skin infection do not subside or even worsens after two to three days after the start of your treatment, talk to your doctor right away. This is especially a must if you develop a fever or when the infection spreads to other parts of your hands.

6. Use warm water to soak your hands in. Dip your hands inside, ensuring that your nails and cuticles are completely submerged for about 5 to 10 minutes. This helps soften the skin and prepares it for pain-free grooming and cleaning.

Treating You Nails Properly Can Avoid Dry Skin Around Nails

Do this daily and consider adding a little honey or lemon juice to the warm water for better results. Afterwards, pat your hands dry and moisturize.

7. Aloe vera gel can also work for cooling and soothing damaged and inflamed skin. Use the pure gel from one leaf and apply this onto your skin several times during the day.

This not only moisturizes your skin but also protects it from infection. You can also drink two tablespoons of aloe vera juice per day. Note, however, that this is not recommended for pregnant and lactating women and can have a laxative effect.

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8.Moisturizers like cucumber, olive oil, honey mixed with rosewater, moisturizing oils, or commercial moisturizers can be used to moisturize the dry areas of your skin. Some products are also specifically made for nails and cuticles. Coat the whole area around your nails.

Dry Skin Around Nails Can Be Treated By Moisturizing Your Hands

Preferably, choose fragrance- and alcohol-free moisturizers to hydrate sensitive skin better. Apply these multiple times a day to prevent hangnails, cracks, and rips. This is important especially during dry, cold months.

9. Avoid contact with drying agents. Protect your hands from unnecessary exposure to chemicals and activities that suck moisture out of your skin. Wash dishes with gloves and room-temperature water. Warm or hot water tends to remove moisture from your hands.

Do not use acetone-based nail polish remover which removes natural oils that help lock moisture in your nails and skin.

Wear protective and moisture-locking gloves, particularly during dry weather.


Dry skin around fingernails is caused by everyday circumstances that can lead to more serious conditions. However, simple tips can be used to treat and avoid these problems. By following these nail skin care tips, you’ll be proud to show off your beautiful, silky smooth hands in no time!

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