Duchess Catherine Will Not Be Wearing Kardashian Clothes Anytime Soon


Duchess Catherine Middleton is known for her elegant, classic and fashionable taste. So, the Kardashians thought that having the Duchess wear their clothes would really help their new clothing line in the U.K. However, the Duchess returned the clothes to the K’s due to a royal policy.

The Dorothy Perkins Line

Duchess CatherineIt was just last November 10 when the Kardashian flew to the U.K. for the Kardashian Kollection clothing launch under Dorothy Perkins. It was their first appearance together in London and the launch was held in the Atrium, Westfield London. The Kardashian sisters were there to meet and greet with the fans and sign a few autographs. Rumor has it that Kim Kardashian refused to do a photo-op with a fan but that’s another story.

The Kardashians have joined forces with Dorothy Perkins, a UK High Street fashion brand. This is very timely as the holidays are coming and the collection boasts of blings, sequins and killer party dresses. There are different textures and playful prints that really represent the Kardashian fashion.

The Gift to the Duchess

Kim and her sisters, Khloe and Kourtney sent Middleton a package consisting of their new clothes under Dorothy Perkins. However, the package was returned to the Kardashians. A source said that it’s highly unlikely that Middleton will be appearing at events wearing sequined jackets and leopard-print miniskirt. It was also said that Kim was very eager to meet Middleton before her marriage to the prince. Kim wanted Kate to join her for tea during one of her brief stays in London.

Why send clothes to the Duchess? Obviously, the K sisters want to make it big in the UK. If the Duchess wore their clothes, it will definitely help their brand become more popular there. If Kate was seen in public with their designs, the sisters believe that this will give their fashion brand a huge boost. Kim has always been vocal about her admiration for Kate’s fashion. Kim was quoted as saying “Kate seems like a really sweet person and she’s a princess. We love her sense of fashion. She could wear our looks and team it with one of her hats.”

Royal Policy

The Duchess returned the clothes but it is not because Kate didn’t want the clothes, she had to follow a royal policy. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were not allowed to accept unsolicited gifts from anyone unless the sender is a personal friend. In this case, Kim and her sisters are far from being personal friends although they probably want to be. The Duchess returned the clothes to the Kardashian sisters with thanks. An explanation of the Royal Highness’ policy was included in the note too.


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