Earth Tones: The Perfect Makeup by Hung Vanngo


There is always a supreme being that each individual believes in and most of us acknowledge that he has given everyone a gift. One of such gifts is art which might include painting, designing outfits and body makeup. Most parents especially in the African countries don’t pay much attention in building and enabling their kids to discover their talent. Only those who are strong enough to fight for what they like despite the pressure from the parents to concentrate on school work who discover themselves. One of the successful artists is Hung Vanngo whose passion is to keep women beautiful by keeping the right makeup.

Vietnam to Canada

Hung Vanngo was born and raised in Vietnam to his middle childhood when he moved to Canada. He grew up there to his early adulthood. The exposure to the cultures of that environment where he grew gave him an inspiration to concentrate on art. One of the things that he did with passion during his childhood was painting which enabled him to master color leading to development of his current career of a makeup artist. Immediately after high school education he went to pursue art in Earnest where his career was fully developed. Thereafter he moved to New York where he became more prominent with his artistry among the most well known people like Greg Kadel, KT Auleta and many other photographers.

Soil Inspired

Soil Inspired Makeup

One of Hung’s well known work is the application earthy tones. Earthy tone is a color scheme that most of its colors originated from clay soil colors. It is one of the prominent and more charming makeup look. Hung emphasizes that it isn’t necessary to have a very complicated art background for one to look amazing. A simple application of art and neutral makeup like Earthy Tones can make one look prettier. Glossier phase 1set is one of the most amazing is a strong hold when it comes to both make-up and non-makeup appearance according to Hung’s explanation to Josphine Skriver, one of his makeup clients. It is also one of the foundations of the use of the earth tones. Hung puts more emphasize on keeping the eye color consistent with someone’s natural color by ensuring no use of mascara. The dark lips makeup using earthy tones go in handy with this look.

Enhanced Looks

Shifting from the use of dark lipstick to the eye makeup, with the main aim here being making women as sexy as much as possible. Application of mascara and drawing all attention to the eyes by avoiding applying a more pronounced lip color will make the ladies sexier according to Hung. The cheeks and the areas around the nose highlighting will add more beauty and enhance the sexy look. Hung’s choice of greenish gold color for the eyes is surprising. He explains that a little color to the old women brings out the youthful look despite the age.


Makeup Challenges

Hung is well known for mixing color so well such that the eye liner may not be visible that brings radiance that leaves famous, Mark Townsend in love with it and very amazed by his creativity. He got all the knowledge of the eyeliners from Helena Christensen. Hung started initially as a hairstylist when he went to study hairdressing but unfortunately never graduated from the school due to frustration from his teacher who wanted him to do a ready design hairstyle for the hair contest. After dropping out of the hairdressing school he got a job in a salon but his strong passion was more on makeup so he also did make up in addition to hairdressing. He later did full-time freelancing and managed to do a lot of magazines which earned him a working visa for US where he had to start over and over again whenever he had to move to a new city. One of his magazines was the Shop Etc.

Aside from his work life, Hung is very well known for a good looking skin. He achieves by using a specific sponge for the face and not leaving out the ears and the neck. Thereafter a massage with a moisturizer will penetrate the skin which will make it amazing.

Art is a good career that keeps an individual well updated of the new designs in town. It also calls for creativity so that you designs can keep people waiting for your next hit. As an artist especially a makeup artist your focus should not be too much on getting more money or becoming famous. Your passion should be to produce outstanding looks which will leave your client pleased with your work. It is unfortunate that art is taken for granted by many people especially parents who influence their kids greatly. We should all embrace art and make it part of us.


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