Ease Night Sweats with Acupuncture


How often do you wake up in the middle of the night with drenched sheets and sleepwear? Night sweats are very common and can occur due to several reasons. Night sweats refer to any kind of excessive sweating during the night not caused by a hot environment such as hot temperatures, thick bedclothes or a thick blanket. To distinguish night sweats from normal sweating, doctors refer to night sweats as severe hot flashes during the night time. One of the most popular remedies today is to ease night sweats with acupuncture.


What is Acupuncture?

Acupunture therapy

Acupuncture is a form of alternative medicine that originated in China about 5,000 years ago. It is primarily based on the belief that living things have a vital energy which is called “qi”. This vital energy circulates throughout the body and imbalance results to conditions like illnesses and diseases. Acupuncturists insert needles into specific points on the body to restore the normal flow of “qi”. There are more than 1,000 acupuncture points on the body.

Acupuncture and Night Sweats

Night sweating is one of the most uncomfortable conditions especially with women suffering from menopause. However, many women don’t find relief in the usual treatments of night sweats. This is why many turned to acupuncture and found relief in this alternative medicine treatment. In fact, because of its effectiveness, acupuncture is now one of the most popular treatments for night sweats especially on menopausal women. This treatment is already backed up by several studies.

A particular study that was published in the Journal of Oncology indicated that acupuncture doesn’t just treat night sweats but also reduces its reoccurrence along with hot flashes. Also, subjects reported that they had a greater clarity of thought and significantly higher energy levels after an acupuncture session. This means that you can really ease night sweats with acupuncture. However, this doesn’t work for everyone as some test subjects in the study reported that they experienced no relief from the acupuncture treatment.


If you’re suffering from menopause or other conditions, you can try to ease night sweats with acupuncture. However, it is very important to remember that you should only have acupuncture treatment from a licensed practitioner. Be careful when choosing your acupuncturist in order to ensure your safety. A little research regarding the best acupuncturists in your area will go a long way. Better yet, ask for recommendations from your health care professional. Remember that this is concerning your health and when acupuncture is not performed correctly your condition may get worse.