Easy Christmas Lips 2 Ways: Guide On Best Party Pout


Choosing the right lipstick can be a challenging task, most especially if you’re looking for an extra rare, extra pop of color to match the cheery spirit of the holidays. If you haven’t already tried something new, something different, something bold to go on your lips before, it is the best time of the year to experiment on lip color.

To help you in spotting the right shade of lipstick, see two of the most flattering and out there colors that should work perfectly for you. Two of which are perfect shades for the fair skinned, and the other two are perfect for darker skinned.

2 Ways For The Fairer Skinned

If you have fair skin, there’s more possibility that your complexion is prone to paleness. Therefore, a pop of extremely bold color on your pout can enliven your face.

First Way: Dab Some Metallic Blue Or Metallic Purple On Your Lips! First, exfoliate your lips. Chapped lips and loose, dry skin will show easily on boldly colored lips. Go all natural by spreading course sugar on your lips and rubbing the granules against your pout in a circular motion. Wash off with lukewarm water.

Next, moisturize your lips well. Wait for your lip balm to settle in. Work it into your lips with a gentle massage. When the product has seeped in, you’re all set to dab base makeup on your lips. Use base makeup as a primer to prevent your lipstick from seeping in unknowingly or unintendedly into your lips. Any unevenness will show in a bold lip color.

Bold Lip Color

Third, draw the outline and the shape of your lips to avoid getting this bold color messing up your lip area. To draw the boundaries and keep the color in, use a nude , almost invisible lip liner first to draw the shape of your lips. Doing so, will help prevent your metallic lipstick from going beyond your desired lip frame.

Next, if you’re using a metallic lip liner, draw your lip outline by tracing on the insides of the outline you just drew with a nude lip liner. Last, fill in the middle with your metallic lipstick. Use one direction of stroke to fill in your upper and lower lips.

Second Way: Put On Lipstick In Plum Shade. If you’re not quite ready for a metallic lip color but still want attention grabbing pout, put on a plum lipstick and see how it instantly brightens up your pale skin. The deep, rich color of plum against a white canvas will most definitely highlight your lips.

Generally for the fair skinned, it’s great to draw attention on the lips. In which case, you can always go easy on the eyes, even stick to neutral shades but, bolden up your look with an eye popping, rich lip color.

2 Ways For The Darker Skinned

Darker Skinned Lip Color

If you’re darker skinned, you probably have had a hard time choosing the right lip color to match your richly colored skin. Well, in most cases, that’s because most “safe” lip shades just don’t give justice to your nicely tanned skin. To bring more boldness and character to your lips these holiday season, try two colors you didn’t know work best on you.

Way 1: Try On A Matte In Orange Shade. Bring out the boldness in you with an orange pout! Every time you use bold color on your lips, it looks best when your lips are carefully outlined. So, draw the outline first before filling in your upper and lower lips to avoid messing up your lip area.

Orange lips on dark skin are worn best when you have an equally bold, orangy color on your cheeks and eyes using the same shade but in creamy formulations. The wonderful combination of oranges make your lips and skin seem very healthy and supple. The result is a reminder of fresh, all summery look — only, it’s winter, and you’re complexion is the envy of many!

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Way 2: Put On That Fuschia! Another great bold color that can only work best on richly tanned skin is fuschia in silky finish lip color. Skip the safe light pinks and peaches, and pick up a lip color in fuschia which instantly enlivens your lips and adds cheer to your holiday look.

As with the orange lipstick, fuschia lip color is worn best with a similarly tinted blush and eye shadow. If you want extreme and exclusive attention on your lips, however, you may always combine your silky fuschia color with a nude eyeliner. A nice bronzer will give your skin a healthy color and will combine well with your fuschia pout.

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If you’re not comfortable with the idea of wearing completely different shades of lip color, you can always keep safe but still different by wearing a touch of class with deep, richly colored burgundy lipstick. It’s timeless and chic elegance.


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